As a web app developer, it is always good to get the assistance from one source or the other. While making use of this assistance does not mean that we lack the wherewithal to do work ourselves, it simply translates into the fact that we can expedite the entire development process and significantly reduce the efforts required to developing these web pages and applications. The beauty of Java Development is that along with being an open source, ‘easy to use’ and ‘developer centric’ language, it also makes available a wide range of JavaScript libraries for the developers to choose from and adequately enhance the potential of their web apps, without much loss of time.

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Some of these libraries make it easy for the developers to include various other powerful development technologies, such PHP, Ruby on Rails, and CSS etc. and also help in reducing the inconsistencies in the deployment environment. In this article we have discussed 10 JavaScript libraries which we deemed perfect for multi disciplinary development works. We are hopeful that these libraries will help you significantly improve the quality of the applications that you would be working on.

1. Zebra – A library that contains the complete wealth of rich UI components, Zebra helps in creating desktop like and pretty looking layout. The UI elements are defined in HTML 5 Canvas and CSS provides the color designs and hence it runs on all of the modern day browsers. There is an extent of UI components, which includes menus, form element, tabs, grids, menus and a lot more.

2. Parallel.js – A tiny library that takes care of a wide multitude of processing of the scripting language. It is quick, sturdy and fast and allows the developers to fully capitalize upon the ever growing APIs of web workers.

3. Draggabilly – With the library, the developers get to introduce the drag and drop actions in the user interface of their jQuery. Besides, the entity which is being dragged can be used to feature a container and also allows callbacks to various events such as end move and start. The same can be used to return a position or the location of an item.

4. Howler.js – As an audio supporting library, this is perhaps the best that it can get with JavaScript. The library work with Web Audio API and as a default setting jumps back to HTML 5 Audio should the other one fail. It supports cross browser compatibility by accepting multiple formats, supports caching and plays multiple sound files simultaneously. The sounds can be looped and also can be manipulated accordingly in a fade in or out format.

5. SVG.js – If you need to work around SVG files, manipulate it, develop animations around it etc, this is the script that you have been looking for. As a library, it is extremely light weight (merely 5 Kb) and is filled with amazing and gripping features.

6. Chart.js – Developed on HTML 5 Canvas, it offers 6 brilliant chart types in a standalone app weighing less than 5 Kb. The char types include Polar area, column, bar, radar, pie and line. Developers can customized Charts, borders and fonts and also load the charts with various animations.

7. FPS Meter – If you would like a FPS Meter which is impressively fast and sort of breath taking, your search ends here. And well, talking about the technical prowess, the library quite easily measures frames per second, the total number of milliseconds amidst frames, and the total amount of time (in milliseconds) required to render a frame while using the .tickStart() method.

8. Squel.js – Another resourceful and light weighing JavaScript library, it weaves through various object oriented API rather easily. It can be made to work both on the browser and with nodejs; however we would not recommend browser, since the entire query will be visible. Lastly, it renders complete support to every standardized SQL queries.

9. Packery – In technical terms, Packery provides the bin packing algorithm to the web application. In more human terms, this script fills in the empty gaps in the pages. The library offers both intelligent and organized and organically wild elements. Also, the elements can be stamped in a place, made to fit into an ideal spot or perhaps dragged around as and when needed.

10. Formula.js – with a herd of formulas, this library allows the developers to work on multiple categories such as date and time, logistics, finance and text and a lot more.

This was all about the libraries pertaining of Java development services. For superior and high quality products which perform well in the professionally testing and competitive world, hire Java developers today and profit from their expertise, skills and experience. And now, please do share you inputs about the libraries that we just shared, in the comments section below.

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