In the overall running speed, Microsoft Windows 7 system beyond Vista, and it has been significantly improved. But compared to the latest Windows 8, it appears to be worse, and at least very few Windows users can enjoy 15 seconds to boot.Even so, Windows 7 still is the second most successful products after Microsoft XP, so some users do not yet want to upgrade to Windows 8 that has some slightly confusing. Well, is there no way to accelerate the overall speed of Windows 7? The answer of course is yes, here are 12 tips to accelerate the speed of Windows 7, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

1. Uninstall unwanted software and services

Uninstall unwanted software

First, enter into Control Panel – Programs – uninstall the application, uninstall some of the less frequently used content, because a lot of the program will start at boot time, or loaded into a process, which will consume a lot of memory and then reduce system speed. Meanwhile, here you can choose “turn on or off Windows function” to close some Windows pre-installed services that are not commonly used, such as Media Player and so on. If you feel it is too complicated to operate, you can also use some PC management software to install and uninstall software.

2. Limit the boot process

Limit the boot process

Type MSCONFIG in the search box of the “Start” button, click the fourth “Start” option, where you can see the applications that automatically start at boot and some of the content is certainly unnecessary, such as Google or QuickTime automatically check for updates (depending on the installer). You can cancel them, when needed and then start the associated application. In addition, it is best not to cancel some of the hardware part of the project, which may cause the hardware not working. Meanwhile, some projects you cannot understand are likely to be Trojans, may wish to search relevant content in order to determine whether the system is secure.

3. Increase the EMS memory

EMS memory
If your desktop computer or laptop has been used more than two years, and the EMS memory is less than 4GB, here I strongly suggest that you increase the memory capacity, which is one of the most effective methods to enhance the operating speed. But please note that, Windows 7 32-bit systems can only support up to 3.25GB EMS memory while the 64-bit system can support 192GB EMS memory, so if you add EMS memory, it still runs slowly, you may need to upgrade to 64 bit system to get better performance.

4. Close the search index

search index

In Vista, when the search index function appears in the system tray, then I know it will slow down the system performance, and I will close it. However, in Windows 7, this function is canceled, so you need to enter the control panel, click on the “Index” option, click modification, and delete some unnecessary index file. In addition, you can also completely turn off the index service in Windows Services option, so it does not run automatically in the background, thereby increasing system speed.

5. Defragmentation


After a period of time, disk fragmentation will gradually increase. Then you need to sort out the debris and restore it as a consecutive block. Windows 7 system built into simple disk defragmentation software, and you can set it to automatically run in a period of time, such as run automatically at 10 o’clock every morning, so that you can solve some problems. In addition, you can also download and install more intelligent and more efficient third-party software to deal with disk defragmentation.

6. Change the power settings

power settings
If you want to save electricity, this way may not be a good choice, but it can effectively improve the computer’s performance. In the Control Panel System – Security / Power options, select the high performance mode.

7. Clean up disk

Clean up disk

In the “Start” menu, select All Programs – Accessories – System Tools – Disk Cleanup, you can search some junk files, such as Web cache or temporary files. Delete these junk files once, thereby enhance system speed.

8. Check for viruses and Trojan software.

Computer status- Protected

You can run Windows Defender or third-party anti-virus program to check the system for viruses or Trojans because they could seriously affect the system speed. At present, there is already a lot of free antivirus software, so you should regularly scan system to ensure its security.

9. Performance Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Performance

In the Control Panel search box, type “Troubleshooting” and select “Check for performance issues,” perhaps you can solve some system problems.

10. Close the Desktop Gadgets.

Desktop Gadgets

Although Windows 7 has acquiesced to close Vista Desktop Gadgets, but in fact it still exists in the system process, so we have to completely close it. Type “widget” keyword in the “Search” bar, enter “See list of gadgets” and then delete unnecessary parts individually.

11. Do not use a nice desktop background

desktop background

In fact, if you use a complex images or slides, and even motion video, it will increase the burden on the system. So, if your computer has been slow enough, then why not choose a static monochrome wallpaper to reduce burden on the system. Operation is very simple. Right-click the desktop space, set the wallpaper to a solid color.

12 Turn off Aero effects

Turn off Aero effects

Aero effects also affect the performance of a part of the system, so you can turn it off. Go to Control Panel, select “Performance and Tools” section, and then select “Adjust Visual Effects”, you will find a long list of options, and you can turn off Aero. But if you choose to turn off all effects, you will find it looks like going back 10 years ago.

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