Many business owners are old-school, especially if they’ve been in business for a long time. They’re hesitant to adopt new strategies or technology to help their business grow. This is especially common in small brick-and-mortar businesses.

According to a survey in Australia, only around 26% of small business establishments and respondents invested in SEO. You will find a similar statistic in most parts of the world.

So maybe it is time to convince your boss that it is time to invest in SEO. Here are some tips that can help you do just that:

  1. Explain the Basic SEO Concepts

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One of the reasons why people hesitate to invest in modern marketing techniques is because they don’t understand the concepts. With greater understanding, your boss might be more inclined to give this effective marketing strategy a chance.

One of the first things you can do is explain industry jargon. Instead of just saying SEO, mention ‘search engine optimization.’ Explain how it improves the quality of a website to make it more prominent on search engines. Here are some things you should explain to your boss:

  • Search engines like Google want to make sure their users have the best user experience possible.
  • Search engines want to place the best websites with the most reliable content to ensure they have a good user experience.
  • SEO is the practice of optimizing and improving the quality of the website so it delivers the best user experience.
  • This marketing strategy takes time to show results. Most experts have to work on it for anywhere between 4 to 6 months before they see any visible improvement in rankings.
  • SEO requires regular upgrades and good maintenance to deliver good results.

Once your boss understands these concepts, it will be easier for them to invest in SEO. Without the basic understanding, it can be challenging for people to accept that SEO is a valid and effective marketing strategy.

  1. Show the Numbers 

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Your bosses are more likely to believe SEO is effective if they’re confronted with facts. Show them the percentages, conversion rates, impact on reputation, statistics regarding brand visibility, etc.

Fortunately, it is easy to find the relevant statistics online. There are many high-authority marketing publications who regularly publish the latest SEO statistics to help marketers in the field. Here are some statistics to note:

  • Leads generated by SEO have a 14.6% closure rate, which is much higher than the 1.7% closure rate of traditional print-based advertisement.
  • According to B2B marketers, SEO provides more leads than other marketing strategies.
  • Around 67% of people never scroll beyond the first page in search results.

All of these statistics show just how important SEO is. You can show your boss these and several other SEO marketing statistics to convince them about the relevance of SEO.

  1. Highlight Competitors

Every business owner will look into competitor performance while running a business. People understand the value of staying ahead of the competition, after all. If your competitors are using SEO to improve their business, your boss is more likely to invest in it.

It is a good idea to find a successful competitor and conduct an SEO audit on their website.  You can compare their online presence with your company’s online presence and see which one scores better.

This is real proof that SEO has a big impact on a company’s success and prominence. While facts and percentages can be convincing, they’re not as convincing as see a close competitor race ahead with proper implementation of SEO.

You can also highlight competitors who haven’t implemented SEO and are suffering for it. This contrast will show that the lack of a proper SEO strategy can also have an impact on business.

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When you’re analyzing your competition, it is important to look into factors like:

  • Website performance and user experience
  • Web layout and website structure
  • Keyword consistency
  • Backlinks
  • Site traffic

These facts will help your boss realize they can’t afford to skip SEO. Once they realize that, they will be more willing to invest in this strategy.

  1. Explain the Strategies Involved

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SEO is a collection of different strategies, which makes it a challenge to explain the marketing technique to others. The best way to ensure your boss understands this concept is to break it down. Here’s a look at some of the most important strategies to consider:

  • Keyword Research – Keywords are one of the most important components of an SEO strategy. They are signals to the search engine and show your content might be relevant to a search engine user. Including the right keywords in your content might help you with your rankings.
  • Backlinks – Backlinks help you build your reputation and earn Google’s trust. If a website with high authority links to your articles in their content, it is a sign of trust. Backlinks have a big impact on a company’s reputation, conversion rate, and brand trust.
  • Content – Companies use content to communicate with their target audience. Articles, website content, white papers, etc., provide users with information regarding the company’s products and services. Content also supports both the keywords and backlinks so it is a very important part of this marketing strategy.

These are just some of the many strategies involved in SEO campaigns, but they’re the most important.

  1. Use Analogies to Better Explain the Concept

It is a good idea to use analogies to better explain SEO to your boss. Analogies will give them a clearer picture of what to expect from this strategy. There are several ways to explain SEO to your boss or a client easily using analogies.

You can explain different individual concepts like page load times, redirects, external links, internal links, etc.

The car race analogy is considered the most effective option to explain the entire strategy. If you want to stay ahead of a car race, you need a great car (website), maintain it well (SEO maintenance), keep track of the car performance during the race (analytics), etc.

Convince your boss to give this strategy a chance. When they see a marked difference between the conversions, traffic, and revenue before and after implementing SEO, they might be more willing to try SEO.

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