Common sense would suggest that if you were looking for the perfect name then you should figure it out yourself. After all there is a lot to consider such as how easy it is to speak aloud, how easy it is to write and spell, and how suitable it actually is for your website theme or brand. Still, in the search for a perfect name it may become difficult to come up with a little inspiration. That is where the tools listed below may come in useful.

1. Nametumbler


The tool does as the name makes it sound; it muddles and tumbles up words in order to create names. It is a good tool because it allows you to add and mix up a nice number of words. You may add a few words and it will give you a number of suggestions.

The suggestion choices may disregard some words or some letters, which makes it a very nice tool for picking out a variety of names. It also allows you to look up which names are actually available. It is a good tool for helping you get a little bit of inspiration. It is handy for finding names that you would have not thought of otherwise, and it helps you to collect together keywords and mix them up in a way that you would have not thought of previously.

2. Domainsbot


With this tool you may spin certain words to see if anything interesting comes up. It will give you inspiration for your new domain name or website name. If you insert keywords into the tool then it may come up with a relevant name. You may harvest parts of what it suggests and turn it into your website. It may also come up with a random amount of jumbled words that may still be suitable for your website.

The suggestions it makes may become the inspiration so that you may come up with a better name than the one suggested. There is also the chance that the keywords you enter will still remain within the suggestion tool results. This will give you inspiration for how your keywords may be used within your domain name.

It is not often the best idea to put very specific keywords into a domain name, but if you add broad-use keywords into the tool then it may prove useful. For example, if your website is based on a bakery then keywords such as “cinnamon buns” are too specific, but keywords such as “bakery bread” may be useful when placed into the domain name suggestion tool.

3. BustAName


This is a mind mapping tool that is very easy to use for suggesting names of websites. It allows you to brainstorm and mindmap in a way that makes figuring out your new domain name very easy. It is easy for new users to use because it is self explanatory, and it has not been created to be unnecessarily cluttered or sophisticated. It is quite a nice piece of software for more than just domain name finding.

4. Domain suggest tool


The name of this one is a little on the nose, though it is self explanatory. You can use the tool to figure out a domain name for your own website. Use the tool and enter in a few keywords. Then click the options that are relevant to you. There are quite a few of them in a small space, including ones for the length of the domain and ones for the content of the name.

Once you click the tool it will not only pull up a number of names that are relevant, but it will also show you the ones that are currently available for you to buy. It switch up the wording on your keywords, so a word like “wipe” may appear in one of the domain suggestions as “rub.” You are presented with a list of a selection of domain names that you may wish to choose.


This has a loyal following of people who simply think it is fantastic. Though most would not go that far, it is actually a very practical piece of software and very handy for figuring out a good domain name that is relevant to your business theme, brand and paradigm.

It does not even take a lot of creativity to use, and once you start snowballing keyword ideas and making your domain names you will find it easier to jimmy-rig them together to make the perfect domain name. It may not be as fantastic as its loyal users say, but it is very easy to see why it has such an appeal.



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