Customer Relationship Management (CRM) assists businesses to operate excellently despite the current world crisis. CRM helps you and your team manage the 3 C’s relevant to your business—contacts, connections, and conversions—so you can keep your business healthy amid whatever economic situation the pandemic has caused recently.

Managing a successful business or company, even on a regular occasion, involves several factors that need to be prioritized all at the same time. Businesses typically handled the demand by increasing the workforce, but in today’s highly digital world, there is a better way to maximize your team and your operations amid growing demands.

For example, running an online business means you need to run a website, stay on top of cybersecurity to prevent cybercriminals from your business, while
creating engaging content for better marketing strategies, getting leads and conversions, and growing a loyal customer base.

CRM is not just limited to digital companies. Even the real-estate industry, medical industry, or education sector needs CRM.

For a well-abled company that has a big enough team to handle each task, this might be easy. But for small businesses that may lack in manpower, funds, and business know-how, it can be a daunting task. And the reality is, it is difficult if teams are overstretched to capacity.

CRM technology can organize tasks, help teams grow leads and prospects, and troubleshoot issues right away. This way, teams can focus on growing the business. Managing businesses with software like CRM can help businesses thrive amid the trying times the world over is going through.

How does CRM Software Work?

Businesses are going online in higher capacity, optimizing cloud-based solutions to keep functioning even under present circumstances.

It is not new to CRM. A CRM software collects in one location communications across all platforms. Centralized data management helps businesses improve customer experience, satisfaction, retention, and efficiency.

With a robust CRM tool, all data can be organized in a single portal open to the entire team. You will also have access to many features that can drive qualified leads to the inboxes of your staff.

CRM software lets you and your team create and manage one sales process that is quick and reliable. The best CRM will be easy to use for your business, will keep your customer and sales data up to date, and will provide you with accurate metrics.

The best platform will give you the tools and data to capture essential insights precisely where and when you need them, save you time and help you create more reliable connections with your clients and prospects.

CRM helps companies of all sizes fuel growth and profit. It is a complete business strategy to help you focus on your company or business. Learn more from this video below about CRM.

Video Source: Zoho CRM

Top 10 CRM Software this 2020


Image Source: GSuite

One of today’s most popular CRM software,, lets businesses manage user data, communications, and tasks as they need. The software monitors and preserves all data collected.

You can generate leads online through an automatic contact form. The leads generated from different platforms can also be added automatically.

Many companies trust for their CRM needs, including WeWork, Discovery Channel,, and Philips.

It comes in different price plans—Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. There is a free trial offered as well, so you can test out the features of the CRM software before purchasing.’s other services include session management, advanced user permissions, automating up to 100,000 daily activities, with an audit log.

Users’ dashboards can also be modified according to the needs of the business. From the same dashboard, quickly gather insights like current sales, projects, and performance, making it easy for businesses to track the progress and success of every project or campaign.

2. Apptivo CRM

Image Source: Apptivo

Apptivo software is customizable for any business. It is an online CRM software to track the whole sales process and generate sales from anywhere.

Managing projects also becomes easy with Apptivo because teams can efficiently work together on tasks. Managers also love the timesheet management system. Its online invoice system makes sending and receiving online payments, and recording expense reports is also easier for the whole team.

The software also has an efficient web help desk with a robust ticketing system to deliver stellar customer support.

Other features that Apptivo has are mobile expense recording, supply chain management, and field service, where businesses can generate work orders, dispatch employees, and send an invoice for the job.

Apptivo’s email marketing helps businesses improve customer engagement because Apptivo Campaigns are seamlessly incorporated into the software.

During this global crisis, Apptivo is a touchless solution that can aid businesses to survive and to thrive.

Apptivo is affordable and customizable. It is an excellent option for companies seeking a customizable solution with various strategic integrations and excellent mobile platform support. It is a reliable platform perfect for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMB) because it is user-friendly and affordable.

Apptivo also comes with a wide range of apps with a variety of customization options and excellent mobile apps, safety checks, and 24/7 customer support.

3. Salesforce

Image Source: Salesforce

Salesforce is a leading CRM solution today. Its success was amplified due to its expanding functionalities beyond CRM and into back-office applications. It is also known for engaging users and having the ability to solve problems in different stages of the business’ growth.

Salesforce provides excellent depth of the feature and a robust and cloud-based platform by Sales Cloud. The lightning Specialist tier allows deeper flexibility around the unique workflows of each client.

The Lightning Professional category features a streamlined sales pipeline, collaboration tools, non-intrusive pop-ups, and user-friendly drag-and-drop UI.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics company software utilizes AI to simplify tasks for sales teams, like data entry, generating leads and forecasting.

4. Freshsales

Image Source: Freshsales

Freshsales is the sales CRM software of Freshworks. Businesses can easily capture, control, close, and cultivate leads with Freshsales.

Freshsales is an interactive UI with built-in phone and email features. Users can enjoy fully customizable AI-powered lead generation, visual pipeline transactions, smart workflow automation, and visual and dashboard reports.

Because of these features, Freshsales can give businesses everything they need to manage and scale their sales without several tools.

Freshsales has several GDPR-compliant and specific features and upgrades. Today, the Freshsales platform hosts over 75 applications that can be seamlessly integrated to boost productivity.

The optimized two-way email sync means that sales agents do not have to exit the CRM to enter their email address. Email monitoring features allow users to know when and how often an email is being opened, or a connection is being clicked.

Users can create custom marketing campaigns thru email templates. Smart email analytics help to separate email campaigns that work from those that do not.

Other features include direct calling through Freshcaller, buying local numbers, using call recording, and setting up IVRs quickly. It also has instructions and scheduler for events and appointments.

Its 360-degree view gives businesses comprehensive customer insights to create strategic plans for relevant conversations. Users can even organize touch points thru an activity timeline. Consumer behavior is utilized into usable data so businesses can gather perspective on leads using an advanced lead scoring. Companies can also stay on top of essential follow-ups thru Freshsales.

5. Zoho CRM Professional Edition

Image Source: Zoho

Zoho CRM has made its mark with Zoho Office Suite, Zoho Expense, Zoho Invoice, and Zoho Social, just to name a few. Zoho CRM makes sales and marketing enjoyable. It is one of the top software solutions for small to medium-sized businesses or SMBs. Zoho CRM has 45 reliable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products that can manage business operations from end to end.

Zoho CRM is a superior customer relationship management (CRM) system with a wide range of features and functionalities.

The CRM software provides a wide selection of features with many uses, including capturing leads, business automation in sales and marketing, and management of contacts, customer engagements across several platforms, and different forecasting approaches.

Zoho CRM is known by its performance management, allowing users to make reliable predictions, incorporate territory management, and use gaming solutions to motivate teams to meet sales quotas by a fun reward system as work is done. It also comes free for up to 10 users.

6. HubSpot

Image source: HubSpot

HubSpot CRM believes that what is good for the business should also be suitable for the customer. It is a marketing, sales, and service software that enables businesses to grow uncompromisingly. It offers a full range of marketing, sales, and customer service features, with a completely free CRM as its foundation. It is highly efficient on its own but works better when combined with other tools.

HubSpot CRM is groundbreaking in marketing automation, handling social media campaigns, and CRM. It is a user-friendly and appealing UI that can easily integrate with other HubSpot products.

HubSpot CRM users can first use it for free, but updates are needed for more functionality. Its target market is the small to medium-sized businesses (SMB).

It is one of the more innovative CRM providers aimed at small businesses, with a freemium model and a range of add-ons. As a result, HubSpot CRM can evolve into an end-to-end marketing technology solution for SMBs.

HubSpot CRM can be the right choice for SMBs with reliable, excellently-maintained networks without tremendous overhead planning, and a compatible and dependable freemium pricing.

7. Salesflare

Image Source: Salesflare

Salesflare is easy and quick to implement for businesses because it is cloud-based. It is accessible from any location, and thru any device, that is why it works perfectly for small businesses and startups.

This CRM software comes with an integrated data management system that adds new leads and gathers data from diverse sources.

The Salesflare CRM app has an intuitive UI that is very user-friendly. It manages team collaboration, even collaboration between departments.

Salesflare also incorporates Gmail and Outlook, so its CRM tools can directly be used from the mailbox window.

The main display of Salesflare tends to follow the typical sales funnel system. The CRM system comes with a smart funnel that identifies potential buyers that immediately need follow-up. The lead scoring function determines specific sales transactions that should be targeted urgently.

Integrations if this application like Blendr, PieSync, and Zapier allows access to more than 1,000 other non-native functionalities.

It is why Salesflare can generate insights from interactions with contacts, even from social media, and provides in-depth insights into customer behavior and decisions.

Conclusion: CRM Software Can Improve Businesses Amid the Crisis

The pandemic may have upended how businesses operate, but CRM software can help alleviate the challenges of transitioning to in-office operations to remote working teams.

It does not matter what level of growth business is in. Even startups can and should use CRM software to solidify business growth through efficient operations. Nurturing of leads, prospects, and consumers are also vital in growing a business, and with a CRM software, this will be easy to do.

Aside from this selection, there are other CRM products out there. You need to select wisely the one that works well with your business, your niche, the goals you have for the business, and your operational expenses set for a CRM software.

If a CRM does not fit, do not be afraid to move to one that does. Note, this is all about helping you keep your company highly performing so it can continue providing quality service and gain optimum revenues.


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