A scholar or a dull person may tell you that an Infographic is not really a new concept, and that paintings on caves of men hunting deer were in-fact Infographics. But, for those of us who don’t regret the sun rising this morning, an Infographic is a graphic filled with information (hence the name). It refers to an image file (such as png or jpeg, etc), which gives information that is laid out as the creator sees fit.

Infographics are often full of processed information, but this does not mean that you cannot put raw data onto them. It is just uncommon because people like to view Infographics as small parcels of easy to read information. They are not supposed to be in depth reviews of information. Here are some tools you can try using in order to make your Infographic. Just remember that your aim is to disseminate information in a user friendly and very concise manner.

1 – Tableau

This is a piece of software that you have to download onto your computer. It gives you a bunch of tools to help you convert your raw data into usable visualizations. It does allow you to upload raw data from spreadsheets and the like, but gives you options so that you turn your data into heat maps, line graphs, bar charts, etc. It is not very difficult to use, and the biggest problem is has is that it is inconvenient to have to download the software.

2 –

You can record yourself talking with this app. You may then present your Infographic a la a newsreader style. You can use it to remotely present your Infographic. For example, let’s say that your business proposal is in an Infographic form. You can record yourself talking about the Infographic in your own voice, which is then embedded into the Infographic for the reader to hear.

3 – Piktochart

This is one of the many browser based tools that allows you to create Infographic elements. It gives you six free themes which you may expand upon if you purchase the paid version. You are able to use a drag and drop system in order to create your Infographic chart or element. Sadly, with the free version they install a Piktochart watermark at the very bottom of your image downloads.

4 – OmniGraffle

This is an intuitive wire framing device that you can use to create your Infographics with ease. It therefore allows you to stylize and customize your data in a very user friendly manner. You are better able to customize your Infographic content so that it fits your personal needs a little better. You can download free stencils which make it easier to use and makes the design process a little easier.

5 –

This is a web-based tool that helps you to create fun Infographics. It is more of a conceptual visualization tool that you can use for storytelling and other narrative Infographics. The user interface really makes the design process a little easier, and the pre-designed models make the design process a little quicker too. The themes they offer cover a lot of commonly used elements such as graphs, charts, etc.

6 – Make a video

The marketing for this tool says that it is a great visual communication device which offers the ability to create great verbal explanations for your Infographics. The videos you create can be as sophisticated as you like as it has an RSA animate function.

7 –

This is a web based Infographic creator tool. It has some great themes and tools for manufacturing your Infographics. You can create charts by inputting your data, and has over thirty customization options for you to choose from. The types of charts are all quite visually appealing and the range they offer is rather good considering the fact that the tool is free. You can also embed videos and images too.

8 – Balsamiq

This is a wire framing tool that some people use to help them create better looking Infographics. It allows you to come up with some very nice diagrams that are easily able to be used on mobile websites as well as on desktop websites. However, it is recommended that you try the free demo program before you purchase the full version of the software.


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