The use of mobile devices for Internet browsing is increasing by leaps and bounds with each passing day. Every day, millions of people download different apps on their mobile devices, read lots of free and premium web content, and make transactions one after another. Every app developer wants his/her app to be downloaded by millions of people in bulk. The extensive use of mobile apps depends on their UX.

In simple words, UX is a collection of good design and user understanding while creating, customizing, and redesigning apps and websites. A research showed that investing in UX leads to lower user acquisition costs, support costs, and ensures improved user retention. Optimal UX allows web developers to create valuable and attractive, understandable and user-friendly apps. So, it is extremely important to pay attention to the experience of user interaction with apps. How to improve the UX of apps and make them perfect? Let’s discuss and understand.

  1. Diminish Download and Installation Time

If your application takes a considerable amount of time in installation and downloading, be alert. You can wait, users will not do so. Around 39% of all visitors will close your application and go away instantly. Modern Internet users always care about time when they look for specific information, products, services.

Internet users must be able to access the application and content in the shortest possible time. Mobile users do not explore your brand like web users. They download mobile applications because it helps them to achieve a specific goal. So, take the help of web developers and reduce download and installation time as far as possible. Faster apps attract more audience and help business persons to fetch more business opportunities.

  1. No Red Tapism in Registration Process

Many business persons will say that registration process helps them to personalize the user experience. But you should not forget that you lose many users due to the complex and boring registration process.

Nearly 25% of users drop an app because of the complicated registration formality and they never return. You can allow people to enter the application as a guest and leave certain functions only for registered users. In case you abandon the registration process, make sure that you provide a high level of personalization to customers based on their previous records.

  1. Eliminate User Search Errors

Always keep in mind that 50% of users use the search function as a navigation tool to find the desired stuff. Therefore, it is necessary to place a search box on each page of your application and check regularly how it is working. Always keep in mind that users make spelling errors, but this should not prevent them from getting the correct result. Offer the solution users are actually looking for. Display the related results and inform them that their request has been corrected.

  1. Display Visual Calendars

Always keep in mind that today’s Internet users hate to fill out forms because it’s boring, tiring, and irritating. So, you should make this step easier as far as possible. Most registrations require a date of birth, so, instead of asking users to manually enter a date, use visual calendars as it will help them save valuable time. Add visual calendar to your app, allowing users to complete the registration process easily and make transactions comfortably.

  1. Test Your Skills on Wireframes and Prototypes

Use wireframes and prototype while creating apps. Always keep in mind that Application prototyping is a great opportunity to demonstrate the core functionality of a project even before its transfer to development. This allows you to showcase your project to investors in an easy way. There are many tools for rapid prototyping and wireframing. Use them to make your app more useful.

  1. Take Care of Visual Look and Inspiration

As Mobile ecosystems are constantly changing and developing on the basis of experimentation and innovation, many new approaches are being developed on a daily basis. There are different types of applications available on the web. Each of these applications has a specific visual style and tone, depending on the purpose and context of the application.

As a mobile app designer, you need to inspire yourself with large mobile apps. Just see their patterns and other things. You must keep in mind that Visual inspiration is not only important for the appearance of your application, but also for how the user interacts with it.

Always try to learn all the possible gestures, understand how the user wants to interact with the application, ask yourself what is the easiest and most natural way to create more useful apps, and how can you make an innovation (breakthrough) in this area.

  1. Flexibility in Mobile Template Design

Before starting the mobile app design work, examine the existing models (patterns) of mobile designs, and start your project with a “user point of view” in your head. In most templates, you can explore and analyze various types of interfaces, menus, and navigation, and use them as a base to design your mobile applications based on the content and purpose of your application. Some template designs are really useful and solutions already exist.

Just scroll through the design in your head, mentally test mockups, and think about what is more appropriate for your application. After testing, observing, inspiring, comparing what you can and should do and move on to the design itself to open Photoshop and create pixels. Think of sketch, prototype and iterate also.

Final Words

When you create mobile apps and care about their business importance for your brand, UX is the first thing that strikes your mind almost every day. The more a user is comfortable while interacting with your app, the more business opportunities you are likely to get from him her. So, keep these UX aspects in mind before developing mobile applications. A good UX=a good amount of business. So, give a great user experience mobile apps and expect more business heading towards your way every day.

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