Are you known for dumping your phone in water accidently? Or you have someone who is attracted to accidents and they need help with securing their phones now? In fact, do you ever feel like washing your phone? Because let us just agree that your phone has probably a bacteria kingdom living on its surface and inside it, who knows! What if we tell you that you can now wash phones and literally scrub them? Because that is the thing now, new smart phones that are washable are everything you are ever going to need. Recently Kyocera has announced their soon going to be launched phone will have the capability to resist water, not only that, the phone is completely waterproof and it can be washed with hand soaps and what not. So if you are a cleaning freak or you have an OCD, you are probably going to love these phones.


Kyocera has previously made successful phones that were water resistant and they were a hit. The company is now working since back in 2015 on their new prototype and now the phone is set to release sometime in March 2017 in three colors. If you want to get a hold of the washable phone, you will have to wait for a long time since Kyocera is currently only making these phones for Japan. So if you really want one, first you have to wait till the release and then maybe make some travelling plans or get a friend in Japan buy one send you over, or maybe use your social networking skills and make overseas friend, you have the time! Jokes apart, this new technology can be ground breaking for a lot of reasons. There has never been a phone that could take water to that extent.

We are not sure if it can work under water because that would be honestly a lot to ask but you never knows that is another thing about it phone when it releases. For now, this phone does not have speaker holes or slots of any kind and it uses extreme tech to still get the sound and charging thing going. The company has also announced to give this phone another spec that’s for cooking, it has the gesture mode that only works on gestures so you don’t have to pick up, tap or slide on the screen with messy hands in the kitchen, no more spilling the phone in the gravy and even if you do you can wash it, because water damage is not a problem now. Now users will experience a whole new technology which will take away all their peace and privacy and people with really strict job challenges will no longer take peaceful showers or use showering as an excuse for not picking up their phones.

There have previously been many technologies and their prototypes introduced but this tech has something seriously good about it. One would think that a phone that is giving you that one thing that they did not now they ever wanted, and then there must be some compromises made on the specifications of the phone. Haters will not like it but the washable phone is ready to challenge any average or slightly high specs phone. The phone has a 12 mega pixel camera, it will be running the latest Android™ 7.0 (Nougat) and a 2 GB ram and 16 GB rom. It will also have a 3000 mAh battery which is great for a smart phone because the smart phones from Huawei with the same specs comes with 2200 mAh battery and same goes for other phones as well. It is also a 4G LTE phone and is carrying the ability to extend memory for up to 200 GB. The phone also has a 5 inch screen and these specs make this phone something beyond an average person’s expectations.

Kyocera is set to push the boundaries and giving smart phones and the users a whole new experience and possibilities. This is the future of smart phones. We are also hoping that after a successful launch and success of these washable phones, the company starts manufacturing these for the rest of the world after all we all deserve clean phones and we must experience what it feels like when a friend doesn’t know your phone can take water and they threat you to dump your phone in the pool or maybe their own soda glass. We also hope that the huge names in the smart phone industry also use the same technology and come up with the same concept to revolutionize the whole smart phone thing.

Washable Smartphone 1

For the start we just have to wait and watch if the sound tech and wireless charging (which is not a new thing now, but other phones had this option as secondary) turns out to be something you can deal with and use it regularly. We borrow phone chargers because all the phones use the same size of a charging and the same type so we don’t have to worry if we are travelling and we have left the phone at home. But with this new phone, we are still unable to picture what it will be like to leave your phone and not a lot of places have wireless charging available and remember the power banks? For that there is still time. For now, we hope that similar phones make it to the market outside Japan and then we can also wash our phones!

With the new washable phones that are completely washable with soap, users have high expectations since this is not the first time this company is making something of this nature. Their water resistant phones were also popular and successful. If these phone are a huge hit and if you plan to buy it in the future, be ready to ditch your favorite ear phones with a 3mm pin because this phone does not have slots!


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