Ever since the introduction of Internet Data Cards, accessing the internet has turned out to be a simple and affordable procedure. There are a number of benefits that Internet data cards offer and they include;

  • A High Speed Internet Connectivity
  • The possibility of staying connected at all times
  • Small in Size and Easy to carry about
  • Access Internet on the go
  • Affordable Plans from mobile networks
  • The Simple Plug and Play Feature with the use of USB ports

There are 2 simple methods that can increase your 3G Data Card Internet Speed

Method 1 – Change DNS Address Setting

One of the best methods to increase your 3G Data Card Internet Speed, this is a universal method that is general for all data card providers. This is also known to be a simple and effective method that can be used by anyone.

 DNS Address Setting

Step 1 – Connect you 3G Internet Data Card to your Laptop or Desktop PC

Step 2 – Open your Internet Data Card Settings

Step 3 – Go to your network settings and search for the DNS address

Step 4 – Fill in the given DNS addresses as your preferred DNS server and alternate DNS server

Step 5 – Preferred DNS:, Alternate DNS:

Method 2 – Using a TCP Optimizer to Configure TCP/IP Settings

There are many tools that are available over the Internet which claims to increase your Data Card Internet Speed. However, once you start using them, you will figure out that most of them are fake and makes things even slower than usual. There is a software tool that will increase your data card internet speed simply by configuring you TCP/IP settings. The Mozilla Firefox TCP optimizer is a popular software that is free while you can use this to configure your network settings in order to experience faster data card internet speeds. Follow the below mentioned steps and you will be good to go.

TCP Optimizer to Configure TCPIP Settings

Step 1 – Download the TCP Optimizer and install the software on to your system (The file will be a .exe)

Step 2 – Start the TCP Optimizer and go to its general settings tab

Step 3 – Move the Internet Speed slider to 1MB or even up to the speed of your Internet Data Card

Step 4 – Once you have adjusted the slider position to your required speed, check in the optimal box which is found at the bottom of the general setting page

Step 5 – A new window will pop up. Here all you have to do is check in the box for Backup which is on the bottom of the page and simply select OK

Step 6 – You can now restart your laptop or desktop computer so that all the changes can be applied

You can enjoy a super fast Internet speed using your data card. However, there are certain instances that you might notice a slower connection with a TCP optimizer. Then you can change back to default settings.


Teresa Kent

Teresa Kent

Teresa Kent is a part time writer and a full time writer for one of the famous magazines in the UK. Technology is not a favourite but since she likes to take risks she started to write more articles about Technology. Currently she is writing about energy management services and 3G data.
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