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The performance of a car depends on several components, both directly and indirectly. But it can be said for sure, that none of these components can be compromised when you want a car to run exactly the way it was promised by its manufacturer. While the engine, the tires, and fuel are the direct contributors to car performance, components like air and oil filters play very important roles, though their importance might not be apparently visible.

Today we will focus on the air filters to let you know their importance in making a car perform its usual way. We came to know about this when we were purchasing from the retail outlet of Coeur D’Alene air filters. There an experienced mechanic took pleasure in showing us how the air filters actually work and how that can affect the car performance, if not maintained properly.

It Keeps the Car Fresh

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The air filter plays an important role in keeping the engine fresh and breathing since it fends away the dust and debris that otherwise could have accumulated in the engine compartment and contaminated the entire system.

After a certain amount of usage and age, the air filters of a vehicle become ineffective, since they are clogged up with a huge amount of dust and debris, and the filter gets worn out. So, it cannot stop the dust and debris from entering the air intakes.

As a result, the engine and the cabin get dirty. All this has a tremendous effect on car performance. The engine does not get its fresh air and so it gets heated up even if it has not traveled that far.

The Air to Fuel Ratio

Air Filters Car Performance

Engine air filters play a very important role in car performance. For every gallon of gas that a car burns, it needs to intake 12,000 gallons of air, to keep the engine clean and cool. Without the air filter, the engine will face premature corrosion and even abrasion. So, the air filters need to get changed at a regular interval to avoid all these challenges.

Air filters need to be clean to allow the right air to fuel ratio to keep the engine function properly. With a clogged-up air filter, the drivers might face a sluggish acceleration.

Air Filter Care

Air filters usually do not need to get replaced that often as you need to change the engine oil.  To know how often your car needs its air filters afresh, you must refer to the owner’s manual, and follow the instructions strictly to make sure, your car engine is breathing fresh air. Many times, the milestone for changing the engine air filter is after crossing 8,000 miles. But those who often tread into long highway trips, or go off-roading, might need to replace the air filter earlier.

It is actually the condition of the air filter that will determine when to replace it, explained the mechanics from whom we replaced the air filters in Coeur D’Alene.



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