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Drops gipping refers to the model of business where you sell a product without having a warehouse or any facility to ship the products to the address of the buyer. You essentially list the product on an e-commerce website without being in physical possession of the product. When you receive an order, you place an order with the supplier who ships it to the customer.

Dropshipping model of business is gaining traction these days. In the past 5 years, the drop shipping industry has grown significantly. However, there are certain acts that might lead to the suspension of your seller account. If you find your Amazon dropshippingaccount suspended, you must contact Younglanes Amazon Appeal Services.

Their team of experts has expertise in filing a plan of action against your suspensions. They ensure that your suspension is absolved within 24-24 hours. They are available 24*7 for their clients and their team of in-house lawyers delivers to you, the best possible, tailored approach for your impasse.


Suspension on dropshipping business on amazon

Suspension on dropshipping business on amazon

Until you are working in alignment with the requirements of Amazon, you are good to continue with your dropshipping vocation. You must pay attention to a few things-

1- You must be a seller of record for the products which you sell.

2- You must be identified as the vendor of the products on all the packing details and other incidental information is additionally provided.

3- You must remove all the invoices, packing slips (internal and external), and any other information which might allude to the source of the product is a third party.

4- You must also be responsible to accept and process the returns of customers of the products which you’re dropshipping.

Getting rid of suspensions

Getting rid of suspensions on amazon

There are various types of suspensions on Amazon, and each has a different tactical method.

1- Incomplete product suspension- The owners of the brands and the sellers on amazon keep a catalog of additional items in the listed product. Oftentimes, the drop shipper fails to deliver all the listed items as on the catalog. This leads to account suspension which can be avoided by cross-checking all the product details with the catalog.

2- Order defect suspension- Defective products are the key to your account suspension. If the ODR rate transcends 1%, you will receive a suspension from Amazon. This can be rectified by analyzing your customer feedback. If the feedback isn’t in alignment with Amazon removal standards, you must send a removal solicitation mail to Amazon.

3- Late Shipment suspension- When your late shipment rate is more than 4%, your account will invite a suspension. Late shipment, late response to customers, invalid tacking, rejecting the return requests, customer dissatisfaction on returns, etc. contribute to LSR suspension. Take care of the metrics by using reputed software to avoid suspension.

suspensions on amazon

4- Failure to Address the IPR complaints- An IPR infringement refers to the infringement into someone’s trademark, copyright, or patent. Amazon will send you a notification on an infringement and post that, the listed product will be removed. This might also lead to account suspension. The best way to deal with such cases is to talk to the IPR owner.


The drop shipping business is difficult than you think. You must be composed to be successful at the dropshipping business.



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