It’s very much true that all those who are obsessed with the industry that’s dedicated to the vast and varied arena of gizmos and software consumables are always curious about what’s hot and what’s not!

However, there are a number of classical applications which have constantly been popularly acclaimed, no matter how old they may be. With this statement, most usually associate Social Media applications that are always in and around our gadgets; for websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have received the highest number of stars and reviews by millions of surfers situated in every nook and cranny of the globe.

Nonetheless, leaving aside these and other brand new applications that seem to be causing the most buzz as of recent in its respective markets, here’s a sneak peek about 2 of the world’s most evergreen applications:

1) WhatsApp – the most versatile messenger till date! What with updates always available that guarantee the smoothest, glitch-free function when it comes to text messaging, this is one application that just cannot be missed out on.


Its exclusive features of FREE texting (where only data transmission charges are applicable by your telecommunication provider) along with push synchronization directly from your contact list that’s stored on your phone, no wonder this mobile software is an absolute hit with the public. Other miscellaneous properties include:

  • High levels of privacy – While only a contact’s profile picture, status and ‘last seen at…’ timings viewable by all of its acquaintances that have his/her number stored, this proves as an amazing boon for those conscious about strictly maintaining their confidentialities.
  • A captivating bevy of exciting emoticons – from smileys to animals and from shrubs to symbols, there’s not a single emo that’s related to the varied nuances of life which is missed out on by this app! Go on, feel free to incorporate any one of these emoticons and make your conversations all the more vivid and scintillating!

2) Kindle – If you’ve been one of those bookworms who’s skeptical about resorting to your cell phone for the purpose of reading your favourite set of novels while on the go (ridiculously miniature text and beyond-average display brightness, anyone?), then Kindle is one app that is bound to change your opinions now for the greater good!


Amazon’s prime online bookstore cum eReader is now the most preferred choice for one and all around the globe – in fact, even those who weren’t dedicated to the art of reading have now grown addicted to the habit due to the amazing level of ease presented by this app! While sensational reads from world-renowned authors are available as specialized ‘Kindle versions’ for purchase from prices as low as $4.99, rest assured there can be no better deals than this!

What’s more, syncing the app with its corresponding installations over a number of supplementary gadgets such as notebooks and tablets makes it all the more convenient to maintain one’s library throughout, without any hassle. Just a simple registration with your e-mail address and password is required!

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