For the number of self proclaimed SEO gurus one can come across on a daily basis, it becomes extremely difficult to trust the information coming. Unless of course the source of information has had some proof of their knowledge and can flaunt years of experience with on hand projects. None, and I repeat no-one can get a grasp on the ever so dynamical subject of SEO until they are serious believers of the trial and error methods.

It is not possible to downright chaff each and every SEO guru bt here is a list of blogs that have authors who the industry trusts with eyes blindfolded. Book mark these right away if you haven’t already!



1. Search Engine Land

SEL has been providing in-depth, interesting and useful coverage of topics they follow for several years now. It updates many times daily and focuses mainly on news of search engine and the search industry. The internetz swears by it and you won’t find a single marketer not following it every single day.

2. SEOMoz

This is a great source for advice on strategies and tactics as well as their “how-to” series. The community of Moz includes open minded, talented professionals who believe in sharing their knowledge. There are generally one or two posts every weekday. What grabs you to their posts is the fact that you won’t bounce off even if its a long descriptive article. They are articulate and you’d feel very satisfied on having chosen to consult them.

3. SEOBook

The SEOBook focuses on the ever-changing trends of the industry of SEO, and publish editorials on manipulation and abuse. They update at least thrice a week.

4. Search Engine Roundtable

The topics here are very strategically diversified into various categories, are generally voiced in an interactive tonality and highly useful. Their posts are related to industry news, discussions on SEOs and roundup of topics of forum. They update about 3 to 4 times daily. Its great to read through the comments of each post as well. You’d see some of the pros analysing and commenting on every aspect.

5. Search Engine Journal

This journal is known for its balanced information on strategic articles and the coverage of the industry at large. Whatever SEL misses out is promptly updated here. There are more than two updates every day.

6. Conversation Marketing

Ian Lurie is the reason behind this SEO blog’s rise on the list of favorites for many professionals Over the last year and a half, his blog has gone through a sea of changes regarding the focus on smart strategies of SEO, quality of the content, and the witty humor to go with it. His advices are of great quality and that too consistently so. He updates his blog two to four times every week.

7. SEO By the Sea

The author, Bill Slawski has changed the whole approach towards the SEO field by covering exclusive applications, search technology depending on algorithms, IR papers, and such useful as well as interesting topics. There are very few analysis sources in this regard thus it inspires posts in SEOmoz. He updates his blog around three times a week.

8. Blogstorm

This blog is not famous for being a regularly updated source of information, but all its posts are highly unique and useful. Its primary focus is on the insider analysis of SEO, its strategies and coverage of research. The update rate is as low as three to five times a month.

9. Dave Naylor

The depth of knowledge found in his blog is highly informative and quite exceptional when compared to the innumerable successful business officials in this field primarily because he has kept himself very involved and aware of the proceedings in campaigns of SEO. His staff is also knowledgeable with a good standard of discourse with a focus on topics like analysis of organic search rankings, and trends of macro-industry. They update the blog one to three times per week.

10. Marketing Pilgrim

The writers cover tactical and strategic subjects with a thorough knowledge of the news on search industry. The writing style is unique and compelling. Focus of the blog is the news on the industry, strategic advice, and social management. Their update rate is twice a week on an average.

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