Bloody Mary is the best cocktail to get rid of the hangover, after a long night party. The tasty and flavor-filled drink has never failed to enlighten every taste bud, which had the chance of tasting this god-made hangover drink.

Bloody Mary is a drink that can taste like heaven if a pinch of bacon flavor is sprinkled on it. So, if you love enjoying Bloody Mary, then you will definitely need the best quality ham to enrich the taste of your drink. Finding the best quality ham is quite a difficult task today, as you will not get 100% natural bred hog meat anywhere easily.

Bloody Mary Savory

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Bloody Mary Savory Recipes

Here are some of the Bloody Mary recipes for you.

Bloody Mary

  • Mike’s Super Thick Bloody Mary Mix

This is one of the traditional recipes that leans towards the basic seasonings such as tobacco, horseradish, and lime. You can enhance the taste of this mix by adding some seasonings such as Angostura bitters, dill weed, Cambridge Celery Seasoning, and finally the A-1 Steak Sauce.

The best way to enhance the taste of the drink is by adding other layers such as gin and vodka. After the preparation, enjoy sipping the drink with olives, sausages, and cheese.

Mike’s Super Thick Bloody Mary Mix

  • Elizabeth’s Red Thai Bloody Mary Mix

This is basically one of the spicy and tangy Asian recipes of Bloody Mary. The recipe comprises many bringing juices such as horseradish sea-salt mixture and red Thai curry. The mixture is used as a way to increase the taste of the liquid by garnishing over the area that covers the rim of the glass.

Some of the unique ways of preparing Bloody Mary drinks are also available on many websites. Some such recipes are listed below.

Mike’s Super Thick Bloody Mary Mix

  • Take the gazpacho, tomato sauce, or the tomato soup that is leftover from the previous night and add spirits, beer, broth, or water to thin the base out. Add a lime, and voila, you’re easy to make Bloody Mary recipe is ready.
  • You can take tomato powder and prepare a thick broth. You can season the base with anything of your interest. For enhancing the taste of the liquid, you can go with the idea of mixing wasabi powder or horseradish powder to it.

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No one knows the exact time of the origin of this tasty drink. There are some speculations stating that the drink might have originated somewhere in the 1500s in a French bar. Some might even date it back to the 1890s, and some to other times in history. However, from the time this drink has been added to the bar menu, it has never failed to take one of the top places in the most preferred drink today.



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