This is where you fix broken links as a way of getting more links. Backlinks are made and broken all the time. That is how it works, as one website links to another to create a backlink, whist other people break links either on purpose, or by accident, or by their website closing down or whatever. When people set up a backlink campaign, they work to get new backlinks to help improve their website SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Hunting down broken backlinks is about trying to get them reinstated in some way. That way you get your backlink back.

Does hunting down and fixing broken backlinks work?


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As a literal answer to the question, yes, it is possible to hunt down a broken backlink and fix it. You may have to gain the cooperation of another web master, but it is still possible.

Does it work as a good way of building backlinks? Not in the sense that it is better than getting new ones. It is far faster and more efficient to get new backlinks than it is to regain old and lost ones. You will only ever be able to restore a few of the broken backlinks that you find.

Then what is the point of hunting down and fixing broken backlinks?


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There are two benefits. The first is that you do not have to get a new backlink because there is a chance you will get your old one back. It does increase your backlink amount to more than what it was. Sure, it would have been nice if the backlink had not broken at all, but that’s life.

Secondly, if you lose a few backlinks from bigger and more authority websites, then it is more of a loss to your SEO. It may be very difficult to get more backlinks from companies that are as big and or influential as the one you just lost. So, it may be worth doing your best to get your backlink back.

Use backlink reporting software


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This is the best way to find your broken backlinks. It allows you to see reports on the backlinks that you have lost recently and over time. Do not forget that a lot of backlink programs are either poorly writing (i.e. not good), or they will give you a very poor backlink report so that you will click their affiliate advertising for SEO service. Find yourself a good one and use it to start investigating the backlinks that you have lost.

Are all links shown as broken actually broken?


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Keep in mind that the tool is going to show you backlinks that are broken but that are not broken in real life. Sometimes it is just because the website they were on is down or undergoing maintenance. There are also lots of other reasons why the tool may not have registered the link as in tact. So, make sure you investigate each link before you take action, and consider giving the link a few days to rectify itself.

Ask the web master to reinstate the link (politely)


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You can just email the web master and ask if your backlink may be reinstated. It may have been removed from the page by accident, or the URL containing it may have been deleted. You may have to assume that it was deleted on purpose, so try to be nice and convince them to reinstate the old one or add a new one. If it was a reciprocal link then at least you have a bit of leverage, otherwise you will just have to ask nicely.

Replace the content or URL that it leads to


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If the backlink leads to a URL, or website element that is not longer in existence, then consider replacing it. Consider replacing the URL and putting content on it that is related to the backlink so that the backlink has some SEO power to it. Consider replacing the website element if you are able to so that the link becomes fixed.

Tell the website master if he or he has a bug or broken link


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If you check up on the link and it is still present, then click on it. If it takes you to your page then it may be that the backlink checker was wrong. Or, it may be that the backlink has a no-follow tag or something similar. The webmaster may have had the link redirected by a hacker, or it may have a fault or bug. If you inform the web master of how the backlink is broken, then he or she may fix it, as broken links are not SEO friendly.

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