Testing a website for cross browser compatibility is a pain for web developers. Every browser has its personal little quirks, which need to be looked into. Many multi-browser screenshot programs have been launched, but actual website testing is possible by loading real browser on different virtual machines. This can be expensive and time consuming. Many services provide these browsers for a price. Browseling is a new service providing limited time service for free.


Simple but potent tool

Browseling is a simple, but potent tool to test website compatibility with different browsers. It enables users to launch a collection of browser test of their website directly from their browser. They support all the latest browsers, such as Internet Explorer 11 and 10, Firefox 45, Chrome 55, Opera 40, and Safari 9, as well as Android N, Android Marshmallow, Lollipop and KitKat. OSX, iOS and Linux support is coming soon.

Browserling launching

For launching an online browser, just go to www.browserling.com, type choose the preferred browser, enter URL and hit ‘Go’. In a few seconds, your site gets launched within your browser.

Without registration, users can use the tool for 3 and with registration users get 5 minute session for free. Users can use it more than once, but the free testing session will restarted, which means you’ll have to start testing again. The paid version removes this time limitation.

When you get an embedded browser, it’s really an actual browser that runs on a remote computer and you get to interact with real desktop screen. Browserling is an interesting tool because it operates on real browsers and not emulators. Thus the results attained are real and accurate.

Besides real user browser testing capabilities, Browserling solution provides access to advanced browser versions as well as live interactive sessions. Live interactive session is most powerful because web developers can actually interact with the website within a specific browser.

Quick testing solution

Browserling is a very attractive alternative for web developers, who wish to conduct quick and thorough testing. Browserling gets launched in a second. Other features provided with Browserling are SSH local testing, screenshots, resolution changing, and bug reporting with bug hunter. New features coming is recording videos of testing sessions and automated screenshots. Browserling also provides Live API that lets you embed browsers in your own product via JavaScript and HTML5.

Reasons to use Browserling tool
  • They let users embed as well as automate browsers within their own apps using Live API
  • They provide rapid services
  • Customers need are looked into quickly through devoted customer support
  • Simple and fast browser testing tool
  • Available for free
  • Paid version is very affordable
  • No need to install Applets, Flash or more
  • After the test is ready, you get 3 minutes to review the potential website in multiple browsers
  • You get to select from more than 100 browsers combination along with the capability to change screen resolution
  • An upgraded paid plan includes SSH tunnels for local host access, Intranet services, no time limits for testing, and remote desktop access.
  • Interact with browser in real-time, just like they are installed on your real-computer.
  • You can capture & send screenshots, record the videos as well as use Live API.
  • Safe anonymous browsing – due to SSL encryption, your browsing will be totally unidentified.

Browserling is the best desktop browser testing solution. Users, who need to test specific browsers in desktop environment at an affordable price, will find Browserling service attractive. In addition, even those who need free cross browser testing services for one specific platform will find this tool easy to launch and test instantly. Try Browserling now!



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