All of us are aware of the fact that electronic tools must be taken special care of. When you are trying to buy nothing but the best automotive multimeter, you must know some of the facts that we are about to discuss.


Let us start by discussing what a multimeter does. A multimeter is something that is used to determine the voltage, current and resistance of any electronic device. Hence, we can easily say that a multimeter is a voltmeter, ammeter and an ohm-meter all in one. Now, a multimeter, without any doubt is surely the most important device for a mechanic’s use. For those who might be wondering that they are just a newbie and are not much familiar with the automotive part, even for them this device will turn out to be of immense value, when time comes. So, given the opportunity, try to buy simply the best automotive multimeter for your own benefit, even if you are not a professional.

The best automotive multimeters are able to perform many advanced and even the standard auto repair procedures, which will help with troubleshooting the problems. The various parts of the car are very expensive and no-one, in such a time, would like to spend more than what their budget can afford. Hence, the best thing is to replace the older parts with newer ones so that the car works fine for long. A multimeter can help you in getting rid of problems in ways more than one.

Below, we would discuss two such automotive multimeters, which will help you with the above-mentioned problems that your car might face:

         Fluke 88v is definitely the most advanced automotive multimeter available in the market. Not only is it well equipped with all the necessary functions that any DMM (Digital Multimeter) is supposed to have, it even has more advanced functions in it, which can determine any problem in a hybrid car, as well as in a conventional car type. Some of the additional functions of the Fluke 88v have been Conductance, Duty cycle, Frequency and Pulse width and so on. Moreover, it can measure the voltage, both DC and AC kind, resistance and even the current which are the normal functions that the multimeter is supposed to perform.  Some of the major features of the Fluke 88v are: it can determine the pulse width, well within the milliseconds; shows input alert for wrong jack position, has auto hold and many such features.

         Innova 3300 Hands-free Digital MultimeterThis is the best automotive multimeter for those who are new to the world of being a mechanic or are at home trying to figure out a way to cut the cost. This multimeter can be used as both for the home and the auto electrical tester and is very basic. It will not be that confusing to use it and even has the 10 MegOhm circuitry so that one can prevent any damage on the sensitive parts of any automotive electronics.



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