Get all the health and beauty benefits that activated charcoal has and get the right product at Bed Bath & Beyond.

There are many charcoal activated products ranging from teeth toothpaste to face cleansers great for you.

Take care of your face and consider an exfoliating mask with activated charcoal for a refreshed look.


Strive for softer skin and opt for Freeman Feeling Beautiful Charcoal + Black Sugar Polishing Gel Mask + Scrub from Bed Bath & Beyond. This product is very gentle on the skin and is ideal for all skin types. Works best if used twice a week in the morning and at night Good to note that this product has no parabens.

Get those pearly whites sparkling and say goodbye to stains with My Magic Mud Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder for Whitening from Bed Bath and Beyond. This is the safest and natural way to whiten your teeth, remove plaque, and keep your breath fresh. A vegan formula, Fluoride, and GMO-free. Washing teeth with activated charcoal get messy but worth the results – naturally whiter-looking teeth. This whitening tooth powder is also ideal for kids to use.

whitening tooth powder is also

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Now let’s talk about the health benefits. Forget about feeling bloated, charcoal prevents that gassy feeling in your stomach. Plus, supplements with activated charcoal remove toxins that end up in pores.

Feel great and take care of your health with Nature’s Reward 520 mg Activated Coconut Charcoal Quick Release Capsules from Bed Bath & Beyond. Experience the cleansing powers, take two capsules after meals, and see healthy overall wellbeing.

Capsules from Bed Bath & Beyond

Remove impurities, open up, and get rid of acne and blackheads with a charcoal face mask. Bath your face in charcoal and get ready for clean and soft skin free of acne and blackheads.

Keep your face skin free of pores and oil with BlackOff Activated Charcoal Mask from Bed Bath & Beyond. Easy to use just, apply on a wet face, let it dry, and remove.

Active charcoal frees your drinking water from impurities, chlorine, and other chemicals; and also helps balance pH levels.

Sip on your favorite morning or anytime cup of coffee and consider Cuisinart Replacement Charcoal Water Filters from Bed Bath & Beyond. Easy to replace, drop in the slot and prepare for a richer and free of minerals cup of coffee. You’ve found the secret to an aromatic and great tasting coffee.

Get rid of build up in your hair caused by switching shampoos and get back moisture with activated charcoal. The pros of activated charcoal shampoo are that you might need to wash your hair less often.

beauty benefits that activated charcoal

No more dry scalp and hair just silky soft with Hask Charcoal Purifying Shampoo and Deep Conditioning with Citrus Oil Hair Collection from Bed Bath and Beyond. This product also keeps the frizz away and works on colored hair. This product is free of artificial colors and drying alcohol.

Probably thought charcoal was only good for your outdoor grill..but in actuality it many health and beauty purposes for which Bed Bath & Beyond has many products to choose from.



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