Nowadays, Internet and the social networks play an important role in our business and private matters. Getting in touch with friends and business partners at the other side of the globe is now easier than ever. Although the new ways of communication are subject to fierce arguments and discussions, the truth is that they are here to stay. We share thoughts, ideas, information via more or less widespread social networks and the society is so used to them that we made the habit of checking our Facebook profile and email on regular basis even if we are well aware that there’s nothing interesting going on there.

Clean up your contacts lists

According to a recent survey, a lot of people admit it to being obsessed with the Internet communication and they feel like they wouldn’t manage without visiting their favourite websites a couple of times a day.

As a matter of fact, there is nothing wrong with a nice chat with an old friend or receiving an important document via e–mail instead of waiting a few days but there comes time when you have to do some clean–up and get rid of all the unnecessary hassle your virtual communicating brings about.

Along with the correspondence you expect, you probably get tons of junk mail and different kinds of “Last Minute Offers” every day. All of a sudden you realise that your mail box is full and most space is taken by spam mails. Get rid of them shortly. Take your time and separate the important from the unimportant emails and delete those you don’t need. Once you deal with the clutter, you will be amazed how easily you are going to find the letters you need.

Admittedly, Facebook has gained a considerable popularity in the recent years and now it is though to be the most prosperous social network with thousands of users. Although it’s main feature is “connecting people”, its interference in our private lives can sometimes be really excessive. Of course, it depends on you what information to share with your friends but why don’t you “clean” your friends list from intruders and people you no longer keep in touch with?  As soon as you perform the clean up, take advantage of the security measures and make your posts visible to your friends only. Don’t hesitate to grab the opportunity to start fresh and appreciate those who are really important to you.

Let’s have a talk about the mess you have created in the contacts list on your phone. As you are scrolling down you see three contacts named “Taxi”, at least twenty duplicated ones and phone numbers of people you are never going to meet again or you are unsure if these numbers are still actual. The same rule applies here – clean your phone from unnecessary data. Not only will you save space and make your phone works faster but you will also find a desired contact much easier. In case you have a smart phone, you have probably heard of those applications that help you sync your contacts. So check the reviews and comments before downloading, choose the most suitable app for your operating system and personalise your phone once and forever.

Needless to say, the modern technologies are a huge help in our daily routine but don’t let them conquer your life. At the end of the day, there are hundreds of forms of communication in the virtual reality but nothing compares to spending some time outdoors with your friends and family. Doing those “clean ups” on regular basis will make you more organised and mindful about what information do you share and, to be more precise, who do you share it with. You should be well aware of both – the dangers and the benefits Internet may cause. Being careful is always recommended, you will feel safer and the time for finding some vital information in your phone or mailbox will be significantly reduced.

Author Bio: Rose is passionate about everything related to technology- hardware, software and Internet. When she is not at work at Top Domestic Cleaners she is reading the latest news from the technological field.



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