Three core elements i.e. air, water, and food form the foundation of human life. If these three factors are well maintained in the proportions of quality and quantity, you are less likely to fall sick. These days, because of the rise in pollution, the air is replete with particulate matter which enters into our respiratory system and causes respiratory complications.


Not only this, dust and dirt also enter our Air conditioner and clog the air conditioner and pose different issues in the machine. When this dust and dirt gets accumulated in sufficient quantities, then our air conditioner serves as the breeding ground for the mold and bacteria which cause sickness and allergies in those humans who inhale it.

It, thus, becomes imperative that we clean the air conditioner regularly and properly. Just like any other machine, the air conditioner also required proper maintenance. However, if the air conditioner has started to pose issues, then you have missed the bus of maintenance and it is time to call a professional to fix the air conditioner.

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Benefits of regular and proper maintenance of the air conditioner


Here are some of the many benefits of aircon maintenance.

·        Improved efficiency of the air conditioner

Regular clean-up of the air conditioner significantly reduces the stress that the dust, soot, and debris put on the air conditioner unit. This increases the efficiency of the air conditioner unit. A clogged air conditioner is forced to work harder than usual because the airflow is impeded.

If the air conditioner unit gets clogged by dust or debris, it can come to a halt. Besides that, if the evaporator coil gets covered by dust, its ability to absorb the heat is reduced significantly.

·        Lower bills of electricity

Air conditioners form a lion’s share of the electricity bill because they are power-hungry machines. If the air conditioner accumulates dust, it consumes more power than usual because it is pushed to work harder than usual. This may disturb your budget for the home.

·        Better air quality indoors

It does not take a genius to figure out that the dust and soot that gets accumulated in the air conditioner will also be exuded by the air conditioner in the form of cool wind. This significantly reduces the air quality of the air conditioner. It also exposes you to multiple airborne diseases and health complications.

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Maintaining Your Air Conditioner


The air conditioner is a savior in summers but it also requires proper clean-up and maintenance for proper functioning.



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