There are more than millions of candidates writing UPSC exams for roughly 1000 seats. This is a real challenge in life for most of the candidates who are getting trained every day to excel in many sections and subsections available in the paper. Comprehensive reading is one of the sections where the candidates face real difficulty. Here are a few rules and tips that can be followed to excel in this part of the UPSC exam papers. Go ahead and explore!

Understanding the Context

Improve Comprehensive Reading for UPSC Exam

A proper understanding of the given context is very important in comprehensive reading. Before answering the question, one has to read the given sentences a number of times to check whether the context is understood as it is. Understanding the context makes the choice of answer right or wrong. Clear observation and understanding will help you to answer all the questions clearly without a second thought.

Never let Fear Take Over

Do not panic! Fear is uncontrollable besides your exam preparation. Never let your fear takeover with you. It might ruin your performance. Take a deep breath and understand that this is the time to prove yourself and your hard work. Take a few minutes to meditate! Don’t get scared of anything! You are the future IAS Officer!

Beware of Logical Keywords

Improve Comprehensive Reading for UPSC Exam

Logical keywords like despite, besides, nevertheless, etc have to be understood properly. These are the words that direct the understanding of the context. These are the indicators that direct what the author wants to convey. Paying attention to such words never allow you to miss out on the understanding of the context properly. Misunderstanding of logical keywords will lead to a poor understanding of the overall context of the text.

Practice Every Day

Practicing skills help greatly. Identifying the author’s’ tone is one of the most significant ideas with which the candidate has to be sure and confident. Reading books’ articles and newspapers daily to improve these skills helps to crack your comprehensive reading part in the UPSC exams. Practice makes you perfect and helps you to perform effortlessly.

Mark the Perspectives Right

Improve Comprehensive Reading for UPSC Exam

GMAT kind of passages will confuse the readers. When the author says something, there will be a couple of other readers who will disagree with the argument. Reading them one should not be confused on what track the author is. Understanding the author’s’ tone is an art.

Usage of Scrap Pads

Use your scrap pad and make note of the important points and arguments in each paragraph. This will not slow down your process. Do it right at the very first time itself. This will save you time in the end. Noting the points will help you answer questions correctly and clearly in the very first attempt.

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Never Draw an Outside Knowledge

If you find a subject that is very new to you, do not panic. It is not necessary that you would be familiar with all the subjects that you get in a comprehensive reading. Time to read and understand will be given. Never ever panic. If you panic you might end up understanding the context wrong.

Improve Comprehensive Reading for UPSC Exam

Recognize the Questions Type

You should learn to recognize questions. The three types are global questions, detail questions, and inference questions. A candidate should be capable of differentiating each question so that it can be answered properly as each question type requires a different type of answer. Understand! Prepare a checklist for answering in your mind! Excel in the Exam!

Start Practicing GMAT Texts:

Read the GMAT type passages every day and try to get well- versed. Practice makes things easier. This enables you to deliver your performance well which helps in cracking your UPSC exams. Practice! Become a top scorer!

Improve Comprehensive Reading for UPSC Exam

Don’t get Down:

Be energetic! Never allow your tiredness to overtake you. Be active during the session. If you find yourself tired and when boredom overtakes you, make sure take a deep breath and refresh yourself and start reading from the sentence which seems to be familiar for you in the given passage



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