Building Your Own Home

Building your own home. There is a big choice to make when it comes to acquiring your next home – do you want to purchase a pre-existing house, or build one according to your own needs and preferences on a piece of land that you own? The first option would undoubtedly be much easier, but when building, you get to put your own stamp on the design and layout of your home.

If you go for the latter option, it is a little more complicated, and you will need to consider the items below.


Budget Building

There is more to a home building cost than just the price of building materials and labor for the building work. You need to consider the charges for hiring an architect, an electrician, plumbers, council charges, and when the time comes, removal costs.

Once you know how much you can allocate to building your home from scratch, you can be more realistic about what your home will look like. This will help you have a house design and plan that is aligned with the money that you are able to spend.

Floor Plan Architect

Floor Plan Architect

You might have a rough idea of what you want the floor plans of your house to look like, but a simple sketch is not going to help you get your home built. Hire a qualified architect to help. They will help you make the floor plans. Their expertise will advise you on what you can or cannot include in your build to match the budget that you have.

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An architect can help to upgrade your simple home sketch into one that meets the city council’s approval so a building permit is issued. It is essential that plans are accurate as the builders rely on this during the construction of your new home.

Building Permits

building permits

You are not allowed to start planning or building anything on your land until you get these two permits – a planning permit and a building permit.

By having these permits, you are certifying that you have the right to use your land for development in accordance with the city council’s environmental codes and appearance guidelines.

The building permit also shows that your building plan follows the safety regulations and gives you the right to start building.

The Foundations

The Foundations

Every building project needs to start with some soil stabilization to ensure that the soil is in the right condition for the building to commence. Find out if your land is suitable to be built on straight away, or if you need additional work beforehand.

If your land is located next to the hills or has some rocky areas, soil stabilization will be required to ensure that your home will be built with minimal rockslide risks and at an efficient pace. Remember – a solid ground foundation is needed for a stable home!

The Builders

The Builders

Look for licensed builders who are currently engaged in other building projects. Where available, you can also contact their referrals for honest feedback on their recent builds. You can also make sure that they know what they are doing by asking them detailed questions on your building plan.

Once you have found the right builders who have the right qualifications, history, and experience, you can request a quote to know what their services include. Try to ensure that the builders are insured with the necessary policies in case of on-site accidents occurring.



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