Running a business is challenging and expensive in a variety of ways. If you don’t learn how to be resourceful, then you might fail and go out of business. Understanding what is cost management and having some useful cost management techniques is vital to your success. This article discusses the cost management techniques that can help your business to succeed. But before we get started, we should learn what cost management is.

What Is Cost Management?


Cost management, a process of planning and budgeting, allows companies to predict impending expenditures to avoid going over the budget. As a part of business management, cost control techniques involve different cost accounting methods to improve business efficiency. Many businesses employ cost management techniques for specific projects while some take it for the overall business model. Cost management techniques help in predicting actual costs that can help compare, analyze, and make decisions for future cost management predictions and budgets to keep expenses in the desirable limits.


It is imperative to define the objectives for a new project to avoid overheads. These defined objectives help in keeping away over or underestimation of costs. Cost management techniques facilitate appropriate management of the unexpected expenses making the project a profitable one. Below listed are some of the cost control techniques to manage the business within the required limits.

Reduction in Overhead Costs

If overhead costs are high, and there is not much profit, it will quickly create unavoidable financial difficulties. If you’re a business with a frontline open store, then you have to manage expenses like rent, electric bills, employee salaries, storage space for inventory, etc. If there is an option for your business to trade online like choosing an e-commerce website, then you should opt for it to save money. It will also help reduce overhead costs and raise profits. You could also lower your inventory cost by getting some help from the affiliates to sell your products and increase profits.

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Make the Most of Technology

Today’s advanced technology helps reach a larger audience by giving businesses a chance to sell their products online. It also helps in getting a more targeted audience by using online avenues such as SEO, social media, pay per click advertising to promote your products or services, and saving cost on conventional ways of marketing. Today’s advanced technology assists businesses in saving money. Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) help companies to be competitive for effective demand forecasting. It also helps reduce maintenance and inventory costs by increasing asset productivity.


Time Management

Business owners know the value of time. Wasting time means wasting money. Employees need to use their time wisely to keep business costs down. They need to have a clear picture of their duties and responsibilities and what is expected from them. It helps increase productivity without increasing the labor cost.


Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the high costs as well as a source of revenue generation. For effective implementation of cost control techniques, inventories need to be checked on quantity, vendor costs, etc. to avoid unnecessary stock and deploy the capital elsewhere rather than tying up in the inventory storage.

Outsourcing Projects

Outsourcing Projects

Another cost management technique is to outsource your work somewhere else. If there are specific projects with your organization that can be done somewhere else faster and cheaper, then outsourcing is one way to reduce costs. It is done keeping in mind that the outsourcing partners do not hamper the quality of the product or service to the customers. Besides the employees, specific projects outsourced help in saving the additional employee costs onboard. It also provides access to outside talent and technology and helps in optimizing the resources. For instance, if some employees travel a long way to work, they can communicate via Skype to bring down costs.


Market Sense

To survive the game of the fittest, you need to be updated with the current market trends. It helps in the renewal of contracts with the trending prices. It also helps in negotiating for the best prices available rather than dragging on the set prices, thereby reducing the business costs.


Employee Count

Employee cost is the second most significant cost for any organization. Although employees are an asset or the backbone of your organization, one needs to keep in mind the cost associated with them. Besides the regular pays and salaries, infrastructure, software/hardware purchasing, licenses, etc. are the additional costs per employee. Therefore, a manager needs to reduce employee costs and hire only the required number of people.



All in all, cost management is indeed one of the essential requisites for the success of any business. These cost management techniques make it easier to set the goals and accordingly work towards it. These cost control techniques also help save your money and time and solve the challenges that are keeping you away from making your business a big success. Indian Institute of Management Udaipur equips students to tailor their curriculum according to their interests and career objectives in year two. Elective courses are offered in major functional areas including cost management that allow them to probe deeper into Managerial Accounting, Revenue Management, Pricing, etc. These courses help students learn the expenses and income and the overall profitability of the business.



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