It’s one thing to decide that your company needs a new SEO strategy, that’s the easy part.

It’s another thing to go behind the scenes to formulate and plan the search engine optimization strategy you need to boost visitors, boost revenue, and increase search engine rankings.

SEO is a part of digital marketing that most, if not all, companies use to pull internet users looking for goods and services to their websites and attempt to convert them into customers. Let’s say Sarah is looking for the best iPhone repair company in her area. When she hops on Google and searches “best iPhone repair company,” her results page will be flooded with company websites, and the higher up on the ranking, the more likely she’ll choose that company. The best professional SEO services will bring companies at the top of the ranking and keep them there.

So, let’s talk about effect SEO strategies to implement in your business’ digital marketing plan.

Research, Research, Research

It can’t be stressed enough that analyzing the performance of content pages, blogs, advertising campaigns, and social media posts will help you better understand your SEO strategy to begin with.

Sarah, and customers like her, might not care to find a company’s LinkedIn page. They may instead be excited to find a company Instagram feed filled with before and after photos of successfully repaired phones. If your analytics are showing little engagement on LinkedIn, but plenty of likes and comments on Instagram, shift your resources toward the platform where more people may see your advertising and content.

On-Site Content

Your website’s content should be constantly updated and added to with blogs. This means researching keyword groups and planning new content pages or content page updates with a healthy mix of blog posts.

Blog posts need to be informative, they need to be evergreen, and more importantly, they need to be relevant. A professional SEO services company will create a content calendar that lays out when pages are created or updated, and blogs are written and posted. A steady stream of activity in pages and blogs is important for increasing ranking relevance and keeping visitors coming back for new content and information.

Building Links

Forming links between other websites to your own is an effective—but tricky—strategy to driving visitors to your website. Hyperlinks can also connect content from your blog to a service page where visitors may then turn into customers. But why is it so important in your SEO strategy?

Professional SEO companies use link building to increase your search engine rankings. As Sarah searches for iPhone repair companies on the web, search engines will use links to discover new web pages and determine how well a page should rank in their results. If there are an abundant amount of links that point to your website, your site will rank higher in results.

Google, for example, uses a special algorithm in which links play a huge role. But it’s important to have high-quality links as Google Search Engine will weed out “bad links,” and penalize your ranking if there are bad links in your website.

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