If there’s one adage of SEO it would have to be ‘Content is king’. This has been true long before Google decided to add Hummingbird to their little menagerie, but with the latest addition to the algorithm, even those who ignored this grain of wisdom are turning around and taking a look at their content strategy.  While it might be difficult to exactly define what quality content is, as the matter is quite (although by no means completely) subjective, we will try and take a look at some of the things that you can do make your content better, and ways that you can benefit from doing so.


Why is Great Content So Important?

However, let’s start with trying to understand why is content that important. We will focus primarily on Google, although most of the things said also apply to other major search engines. Google’s primary goal is to provide relevant results to users, which is to say, the content that will answer their questions adequately. With so many people using content only to boost a site’s ranking, they forget that content is not a means, but actually a goal, and in doing so they trivialize it and basically use it as a slot filler. This kind of attitude isn’t likely to help you increase your online visibility, quite the opposite.

So, what does quality content look like? It’s not only about being entertaining or informative, it is also about giving your visitors what they expected to get when coming to your site through organic search. We are not only talking about staying topical and relevant, which is naturally, a must, but also about actually putting in enough work for your piece of content to provide the user with as complete an answer as possible, to be well written if it’s an article, to be as amusing as is appropriate, and generally to make the visitors like it enough to share it and keep visiting your site.

Naturally, your approach to content creation will depend on your business, or the intention of the website. Most websites that have a product to promote will create a blog where they can write posts about topics that might be of interest to their customers, but that don’t have to be direct advertisements for the product. They are just an example, but just about any site could benefit from having a blog for a number of reasons. For one it gives you a platform for constantly publishing content that will not only hold your preferred keywords, but also attract visits and shares. Blog also gives you a chance to establish yourself as an authority on the subject, and not to mention the benefits of guest blogging – both accepting posts and writing them for other blogs.

And what about Proper Optimization?

Optimizing your content for search engines is much more than just sprinkling a keyword here and there. It includes adding alt text to your images, giving appropriate titles, making sure to mention some possible synonyms of the keywords you want to rank for, writing grammatically correct posts without spelling errors, having some consistency in publishing, and a number of other things.

If you identify a need for a comprehensive coverage of a particular topic that hasn’t been talked about in detail; if you have a fresh perspective on a popular issue; if you have a solution for a common problem and generally if you are able to provide something that a lot of people will find useful or engaging, you might have the opportunity to create a great piece of content. The main thing to remember is that it might be better to occasionally break a self imposed deadline than to publish a piece of content that may have been much better if you only devoted some extra attention to it.


About Author : Leana Thorne is a devoted blogger and a regular contributor to Leana (2)several tech blogs. She enjoys sharing newly found information, and loves writing – especially loves being a search engine optimization consultant and is always happy to be of help.



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