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According to media reports, since the so-called “smart watch” concept gradual rise in the last two years, almost all large technology companies and some start-ups are hoping to get involved in this technological field. From the current media news, Microsoft, Google, Apple and Samsung are expected to launch their smart watch devices next year.

Last month, Apple’s largest foundry partner Foxconn displayed a smart watch product that can cooperate with iPhone to monitor important health indicators such as the user heart rate and respiration in their stockholders’ meeting. If the user physiological index is not normal, the corresponding smart phone will give the appropriate recommendations to help users make the body indexes return to normal.



Top One: Pebble


Intelligent degree: 100


Price: $ 220


Average life time: 7 days


Introduction: The Pebble is currently the best available smart watch, users can personalize its dial customization and download applications, and also it’s waterproof. Pebble watch is compatible with the iPhone and Android phone, it can display the caller’s information, also browse the Internet, real-time alert the user of the push notifications from the mail, text messaging, microblogging and social networking.

 Sony Smart Watch


Top Two: Sony Smart Watch


Intelligent degree: 88


Price: $ 129


Average life time: 3 days


Introduction: Sony’s Android smart watch was listed last year, it can synchronize to social applications such as Facebook and Twitter, but the device feedback on the touch screen is not good enough, and it can’t be compatible with iOS devices. There are news that Sony will release the second generation Smart Watch this fall, whose applications and standby time will be improved, and also the user interface will be more fresh.

 Passport Watch


Top Three: Passport


Intelligent degree: 83


Price: $ 299


Average life time: 7 days


Introduction: the appearance of Martian Passport is with no difference from the general classic watches, but in the lower part of the dial there is a 96X16 resolution OLED display, which can be used to receive calls and view message content. The Martian Passport is equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 chip, which is compatible with the old protocol standard Bluetooth devices. The Passport can be connected to iOS or Android smart phones through this Bluetooth chip. But to be fair, the price of this watch is somewhat high, although the appearance is quite outstanding, even the U.S. technology media CNET thinks it is not a necessity.

 I'm Watch


Fourth place: I’m Watch


Intelligent degree: 76


Price: $ 499 (current at the promotional price of $ 299)


Average life time: 25 days


Introduction: In the beginning of the release, I’m Watch attracted a lot of media’s attention, but the media evaluation when it was officially launched was not satisfactory. The I’m Watch design is not outstanding, it’s with a resolution of 240 × 240 1.54-inch multicolor LCD screen and aluminum body, the overall weight is 2.9 ounces, heavier than a lot of similar products. In the beginning of the release, the company also launched the limited gold-plated edition, which was at a staggering price of $ 1,500. Reportedly, the device can be paired with the user’s smart phone, display message notifications, and even run Android system. But the device built-in software has many Bug, so it’s usually unable to transmit or receive sound signal, and its battery life is also not good enough.


 MetaWatch STRATA

Top Five: MetaWatch STRATA


Intelligent degree: 64


Price: $ 129


Average life time: 6 days


Introduction: MetaWatch STRATA has more features compared to other smart watches, it can support Android system devices. It is reported that when the user wears Strata, they can shoot video via phone, answer the phone, control music, send and receive text messages, e-mail, make training programs, record special calendar, query weather and stock, open applications such as Facebook and Twitter, e-mail push notifications and other operations via the watch.



Top Six: Cookoo


Intelligent degree: 55


Price: $ 129


Average life time: 274 days


Introduction: Cookoo is a well-designed, reasonably priced, and longer life time smart watch, but because of the lack of some features, Cookoo may not be prominent among many smart watches. For example, Cookoo won’t remind users when there is a new text message or e-mail. However, it will remind the users when there are missed calls, calendar events, or Facebook updates.


 Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity

Top Seven: Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity


Intelligent degree: 52


Price: $ 362


Average life time: 1095 days


Introduction: Eco-Drive Proximity is a real smart watch, or it can be said that it’s a miniature comp that can be worn on the wrist. Eco-Drive Proximity won’t tell users who is phoning you, but it can remind you that you have an incoming call by shaking. Moreover, it also shakes when the users receive e-mails, calendar events, or when the appointment time is imminent. In addition, this watch also provides the feature to full synchronize the time of the iPhone and the watch, and it’s with the function to prevent the loss of the iPhone.


MetaWatch FRAME

Top Eight: MetaWatch FRAME


Intelligence: 40


Price: $ 199


Average life time: 6 days


Introduction: The MetaWatch has three styles available, namely, the Strata suitable for sports (179 U.S. dollars), the Frame with classic look (199 dollars) and the limited edition designed by Susan Kare ($ 299). The Frame version MetaWatch is with a resolution of 96 x 96 LCD display, both sides are with three buttons, the back has four for charging stylus, and it can be connected to the iPhone via low energy Bluetooth. The MetaWatch FRAME can issue a reminder to the user when it has a call, text message or the battery of the smart phone is low, and it has a total of black and white two colors. Overall, it’s a fairly well-designed product, but there is still much upside potential in software.

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