While considering illumination in the garage or parking lot, it can offer lots of challenges. That is because your illumination system must be able to accommodate pedestrian as well as vehicular traffic, and address public safety concerns, consider the quality of lighting and also endure harsh operating environments.

A wrong lighting system can be the reason for an excessive shadow in the parking areas that can be a safety hazard for pedestrians and also motorists trying to navigate obstacles and barriers.

navigate obstacles and barriers.

Earlier, High-Intensity Discharge light fixtures were used for ensuring bright and well-lit pavement, because these fixtures can emit light on a very wide scope. However, they tend to be too costly and also consume huge energy.

Few businesses go for low fixture mounting heights for achieving the desired illumination at a much-reduced cost. However, here you may need more fixtures that can result in glare problems. You can resolve these concerns by using LED lights.

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Following are a few reasons why people mostly prefer LED lighting for their garage and also parking areas.

using LED lights

  • LED offers a higher color rendering index

Due to a higher color rendering index of LED, you can get the correct white light as compared to the HID lighting fixture. It can provide more accurate colors and make it a perfect lighting choice for true color. It can offer brighter illumination without consuming high energy.

  • Longer-lasting fixtures

The white light of your LED will never change or fade over a long time. LEDs are rated to last much longer as compared to HID lighting fixtures, and you need not change lamps too frequently, and reduce labor cost. In fact, your life expectancy will be 8 – 20 years

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Lower energy costs

  • Lower energy costs

Besides brighter illumination, LED lights will have lower energy consumption and save more than 50% energy. As an example, any traditional HID system of 150w Pulse Start Metal Halide lamp will use 185 watts, but the LED system will use only 70 watts.

  • Lower maintenance cost

Due to the higher life expectancy rate, you can save on your maintenance costs. If you need not replace bulbs too often, then you will not hire people and neither will you need LED bulbs. All you need is to ensure that they are protected against any harsh elements to prevent damage prematurely.

LED offers a higher color rendering index

  • Better security

Having illumination greater than HID lamps, you can expect higher visibility in and around your parking lots and garages. So, you need not worry about excessive shadows or not able to see the parked cars clearly.

  • Superior LED technology

LEDs can generate light via semi-conductor as against the consumption of a “fuel source” such as HID lamps.


Also, they distribute light by using multiple diodes and with individual optics versus any single bulb and reflectors in the fixture. Therefore, light is more evenly distributed by consuming significantly less energy.




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