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There are many numbers of car shipping companies operating in the country and not all of them are equally trustworthy, a number of scams have been reported by Better Business Bureau. Plenty of fake car shipping companies are also operating who are duping their victims which can be a huge loss to an individual.

As per the data available since May 2018, reports from BBB presented that consumers have collectively lost about $30,000 and above by these scammers who are operating from different parts of the country.

SAC can provide excellent service if you want to ship a car to or from Philadelphia, PA to and from any location in the USA to any other place. It is a far better option than driving your own car to a new location.

Taking the decision to drive your own car, particularly if the destination is quite a far-away place can never be a smart decision. Although there are a few pros and cons of both options. However, if you sum up all of them then for longer distance taking the help of any car shipping company is the only choice.

However, if the new location is within 100 to 200 km away then you may prefer to choose your own driving option.

excellent service if you want to ship a car to or from Philadelphia, PA

The following are a few factors that will decide whether you must prefer self-driving or shipping your car.


As we have already discussed before that only for a shorter distance, self-driving can be considered but for longer distance relocation it will be too costly option to drive. You have to not only consider the fuel cost but also the following:

  • Wear tear of the car
  • Hotel stay cost
  • Foods and other expenses
  • Maintenance cost
  • Any unforeseen cost


While choosing between these two options then you must also consider your total budget available with you. During the time you are relocating, you might have to consider many different costs for which there can always be many unforeseen expenses.

Keeping in view that shipping a car option will be better.

Personal safety

Driving a car of your own to any unknown destination may have a number of risks of accident or breakdown of the car. These cannot be estimated but can certainly be avoided if you have found any reliable car shipping company to ship the car.

Weather condition

If you have to relocate to any new location during the winter season then driving even a shorter distance can also be full of risks. There can be heavy snow or rainfall and many roads may be blocked too.


If you have to reach your destination well in time to join any new company for a new job, then you cannot take the risk of self-driving, as you can never predict exactly after how much time you will reach your new destination.


Shipping any car is always the most convenient way of taking your car to any new destination. Driving cars can never be a convenient option unless you have to relocate within a radius of 100 km.



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