When you develop a new item, it is important to get it off to a great start and build momentum. Launching across a variety of platforms ensures total coverage and the best chance of it finding the right audience. Television, radio and print are generally considered the most effective ways of reaching a wide audience, and while the paradigm is shifting, they still remain so. They are, however, often prohibitively expensive for small businesses to invest in. Fortunately there are a number of free, or low-cost, alternatives to traditional media.


  • Go omni-channel

Multi-channel marketing and retail via eBay, Facebook, Amazon, and Etsy, is a great way to show off your product to a wide audience. This approach doesn’t rely on SEO optimisation and uses the built-in audiences of these enormous marketplaces to help your product find its niche.

  • Pinterest and Instagram

The image-based format of Pinterest and Instagram makes them ideal for promoting new products with beautiful photos and eye-catching visuals. Pinterest makes sharing content simple, with the “pin it” system allowing users to create virtual pinboards of their favourite pieces. Instagram has revolutionized photograph sharing, with a range of filters that make is easy to add a layer of style to any picture, turning even the simplest snap into a close-to-professional level image.

  • Facebook and Twitter

The big guns of social media, they are two of the most popular ways to promote content and products online. Both offer paid advertising, which enables businesses to go beyond their own follower list and find a new audience, but it can be equally as effective to allow your subscribers to disseminate your tweets and content among their friends and family. If you do choose to pay for advertising on Facebook, it opens up a billion users to your brand and products, helping reach people traditional marketing techniques couldn’t hope to.

  • Blogger outreach

More of a slow-burn, accumulative technique, blogger outreach is designed to build both links to your site and bring more potential customers. It can be a good way to write about the benefits of your new product and the problems it could solve, then use your blogger network to spread it throughout the internet. This approach can take a while to see results, as well as implement, but it has the added benefit of laying the foundations for future conversion and building your site’s authority profile.

  • Paid search advertising

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, is ideal for gaining instant visibility across search engines. It relies on how much money is spent and positions your advertisement front and centre, and most importantly, above the organic search results.

No single answer

Reaching the widest audience possible can’t be achieved by using just one of the above techniques. To be truly effective it is important to use a combination of a few, or even all, of the available methods. This will help create a campaign that is visible and vibrant, with enough variation to attract many demographics and users of different technology.



Chandra is Science(IT) Graduate & is pursuing his further studies in Science Technology. He is the Founder of Blogging Hits. He loves to write about software's, SEO, Social Media and Technology.
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