Electronic communication is the most successful and popular mode of communication in today’s world. This is the concept that drives the development of more interesting, online communication system.

There have been developments in sticky notes, message boards or sharing personal messages, which would not be desirable to do through social media, as that would invite wider uninvited audience.

The new concept

These electronic notes and message boards are useful in sharing ideas and personal notes. These can be used in simple message sharing to that of some important business secret which would not be shared through email or text. It gives the user the freedom to create, organize and share ideas in the form of small notes. The notes can be made creative, as the online note pads give the freedom to use different color and textures. The notes could be instantly created and updated while the user is browsing the sites. It is fast and extremely easy to use. The notes created will stay in the account, till the time the user modifies or deletes it. The online board gives the flexibility to access the notes from anywhere and anytime.



How to use?

  • Your online account can be created instantly, before you get started with your personalised notes.
  • Once you register, the sticky notes can be created instantly by selecting the plus (+) button.
  • Multiple text notes could be created simultaneously following the option on the right hand corner.
  • Once you create a note, you can make it unique by selecting the color code and the text style.
  • Work list can be uploaded; photos, picture or images from computer can also be added to the note for further detailing.
  • The interesting part is that, a user can even add a drawing to the note.

The personalised online notes can be shared with the family members, colleague, office staff and friends.  Online sticky notes give the freedom of privacy, unlike social media wall. You can keep the personal and confidential matters private. You can include only those viewers who should be the target audience, unlike social media, where all the followers have the equal access to an event. You do not have to compromise on what you want to share; rather you can have all the fun by sharing the important and special moments with a chosen few.

The ideal notes to use

It is a brilliant idea to share your messages and to invite your friends all over the world. Select the color of the canvas according to the mood of the day; go creative with green, black, white and blue, and a cork board. Arrange your photos, painting, schedule a meeting, research documents, project details or just simple ideas and the audience will feel absorbed in the shared thought. You can do it all on the simple boards, share the tasks,  communicate the work agenda with the colleagues, use the whiteboard for detailed drawing, express more with HD video conferencing; participate in discussion and debates and sharing of the data and files.

It is the best place for virtual meeting and forum; its easy-to-use features and flexible tools will deliver nothing but the best. Any hindrance faced due to the actual distance will be overcome in the virtual proximity created and using the features are fun and creative. The user will always remain updated with the new enhanced features, and working with electronic notes will make the life more interesting.



Chandra is Science(IT) Graduate & is pursuing his further studies in Science Technology. He is the Founder of Blogging Hits. He loves to write about software's, SEO, Social Media and Technology.
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