When it comes to looking at the best apps on the market, specifically for tablets, then it is reasonable to assume that you are keen to get apps which will show off the best features of your tablet. The main difference then, between smartphone and tablet is the screen size so for your tablet you are going to want apps that you get the full benefit of due to your increased screen size.

1.  Video Calling

One of the best ways to take advantage of the size of the screen is to fill it with picture. You can get much better resolution and just simply see a lot more of your caller if the screen is larger. Skype has somewhat dominated the android market in the realm of video calls but other apps like Viber are also available and can offer a lot of the same features. Video calling is a fantastic way to connect to family or business partners – in fact a lot of overseas companies are now recruiting their ex-pats via Skype interviews. Be sure to connect to WiFi or have a large data allowance if you use your tablet to video call though because it uses a lot more memory than you might expect.

2  Travel

Using your tablet to plan your journeys is a no brainer. You can store all the information you will need for the journey through the itinerary functions which many travel apps offer and you can also use them to make all of your bookings. Travelocity offers flight, hotel and car bookings as well as loads more exciting features including exclusive deals and city guides for the destination you have booked a journey to. It’s a really exciting app, which, as apps often do, offers you a number of functions all from one place which you would have to go on a range of websites to get otherwise.

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3  Finances

Managing your finances yourself, without the help of an accountant, is gradually being seen as more and more of a brave move. As inflation continues to rise, thresholds alter and more rules and regulations are brought in you need to be absolutely on the ball so that you don’t end up accidentally breaking a law. BNA Quick Tax Reference is an app which means that you don’t actually have to be completely on the ball. It is a virtual cheat sheet of information which is at your fingertips at the touch of a screen. With all the other banking apps also on the market you can keep all your information near you and consolidate it quickly and painlessly as the occasion demands.

4  Android Health

Once you have filled your android with the perfect apps then you are not going to want to lose them. Advanced Mobile Care is an android app specifically designed to optimise android health and maximise security. With apps for every private matter, including online banking apps, it is even more important that your device is completely secure. Advanced Mobile Care can offer this security. It also has a whole range of other helpful features including a battery life saver and an anti-theft function. Once you have all the apps you need, you have not just invested in a worthwhile tablet but all its contents as well. You want to feel that they are protected.

These categories of apps will hopefully advise you on how apps can help you get the best out of your tablet.

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