People love camping. Some love to go camping with their family members and some families will have a routine of planning a compulsory camping trip once every month. Sometimes, friends plan a camping trip and make necessary arrangements and off they go on a camping trip any time of the year.

You are all set with packing your bags with the necessary items such as your daily toiletry requirements, your clothes, and other such things. The next thing to know is to pack the required supply of food items. You will find hundreds of camping friendly canned food items, but eating these foods continuously might make you suffer from stomach flu amidst your camping days.

The best way to escape from the possible chances of stomach bug problems is by looking for health-friendly recipes, which are camping friendly as well. Many websites offer detailed recipes that can be prepared within 10 minutes from the scratch. One of such websites is Easy Campfire Recipes. Do you need campfire friendly recipes? If yes, then you can see it here.

Here are some must-have food items for your camping plans.

·      Wraps and Pitas

Wraps and Pitas

If you do not like washing utensils on your camping trip, then these are an ideal camping food for you. You can even add some meat to prepare a non-veg sandwich or can add some cooked vegetables and make a veg roll.

·      Nuts, Bars and Trail Mix

Trail mix is something that can help you enjoy some quality time with your camping mates, even while cooking food as well. This is very easy to make and does not make you feel full. It is an excellent companion for your hiking trails as well.

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·      Turkey or Chicken

Turkey or Chicken

Every camping dinner will not be complete without the addition of these two main ingredients. You can put them on a tortilla, grill them or even skew and roast them, but the end product will surely be the best and tasty food for you.

·      Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is easy to carry and an excellent addition to your camping food items. There is no issue of spilling and messy preparation in the case of beef jerky.

·      Butter or Oil

Butter or Oil

Whether it is butter or oil is up to you. Every preparation in the camping trip can become a tasty one with just a smear of these options on the cooking pan. You can find many ways to easily pack your oil or butter.

·      Instant Tea Bags or Coffee Packets

With the help of these easy to carry drinking options, you can enjoy sipping a cup of coffee or tea any time of your camping trip. Carry a flask of hot water and you are good to drink your favorite drink anytime.

·      Eggs

Eggs dishes

As you already know, eggs do not require hours of cooking. You can easily beat it, fry it or boil it and use it as the main course, when you are tired to prepare any food.

Camping trips will not offer you easy cooking options like in your kitchen. Hence, working around the available facility is what will make your every food a memorable one on a camping trip.



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