If you are looking to make a quick buck then selling your stuff online is a great option. There are numerous sites that you can use to do this, and despite popular belief many of them are free to use. This allows you to potentially market your old belongings to a very large and targeted audience.


So where should you start? Well, if you are looking to clear some space, create a clutter free home and raise some cash, start with the following four suggestions:

1) Unused Furniture

Probably the most cluttering of all belongings is big, bulky pieces of furniture that you no longer use; either because they don’t fit in with the decor of your home, or you just have newer, shinier things instead.!

It’s well worth listing such items on a website that allows you to search for things locally. With brand new furniture being so expensive to buy it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to find a new homeowner looking to furnish their home on the cheap due to a limited budget. This means you’ll be able to shift it quickly, and it will go to a good home where it can continue to be used and loved.

2) Watched DVD’s

It seems many shops sell DVD’s so cheaply now that they can become an impulse buy. Also, people buy DVD’s, watch them once and then they sit there never being used again – taking up space and gathering dust on their shelves.

So why not sell your DVD’s online for cash? Not only will you make a bit of your money back, you’ll free up so much more space to use for other things that it will seem silly that you hadn’t thought about doing it sooner.

3) Unworn Clothes

Unless you have acres of space in your house or a huge walk-in wardrobe, it’s likely that every new season you’ll go through your clothes and want to get rid of certain items. This probably results in them being thrown into bin bags or taking them down the charity shop.

But why? It’s so easy to sell second-hand clothes, whether it be on an auction site or to a recycler that uses the fabrics for other things. It’s less hassle than you think and you’ll be making some money in the process.

4) Jewellery

You’ll be surprised how much money selling jewellery can actually make you, especially if you have any rare or expensive items that avid collectors look for when browsing on the internet.

Selling online is a lot less hassle than taking them to a physical auction, and you are more in control in the kind of price that you achieve for your precious items. This is especially good if there is any sentimental value involved, as you can pull out of the sale at any time.

Jessica Lipscomb is a savvy bargain hunter. She regularly sells belongings she doesn’t need anymore, and sold DVD’s online at Music Magpie when she realised that she needed some space in her living room, with very pleasing results!

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