Despite all the advancements in technology over the past few years, the traditional word-based resume is still the most as always. However, if you are looking forward to stand out from the crowd then you can consider few new school options. And that doesn’t mean having a LinkedIn profile which is now considered as ‘old hat’. In fact we are now entering a new world of resume sharing and building. In this post we will be discussing few tips that will help you in shaping your career in digital media.

Halloween Memory

It seems like every person has an opinion on how many pages a resume should have, what it should contain and how it should be formatted. Listed below are few best practices when it comes to making your resume in 2014:

Be Concrete

In case you are working as sales executive it is better to start using proof and numbers of what you have been doing. Putting generic tasks can be a waste of time, in fact do a little creative work in portraying what you were doing in your previous profile or how you were giving new ideas for products, efficiency, processes, etc. The maximum you are able to quantify your efforts with some data or numbers, the better positioned you will be.

Cover letters are back

One of the most heated subject is cover letters. While few employers feel they are not even bothered to look at them, some say job seekers are becoming lazy and won’t take out time to tailor or write one specifically to the organization to which they are applying. This is a best way of selling yourself and it is where one can infuse their personality the application. But once you written a good cover letter, that doesn’t mean you can push it out to every job opportunity. It would be better to take out few minutes and tailor it. Mention, why you are so desperate for that specific job and how your skillset can be beneficial for the overall company if they appoint you.

Keywords are your best friends-

If a manager or an employer puts your CV side-by-side with the job requirements and check off the same keywords, his life has now become so easier because of you. In spite of using plenteous of useless information in your resume, paying attention to the keywords in the job posting can help a lot. Make sure that you are using them in your cover letter and resume, because even candidate tracking systems are many times based on keyword search. Just as you are using keywords to search for jobs, recruiters uses keywords to seek your CV.


Getting creative with QR codes-

Many digital media professionals are using quick response codes which can be scanned by smartphones to download information — on the resume to link to online portfolios and on the back of business cards. As you start socializing and start attending career fairs, you can pass out your business cards with the bar code that can link employers and other important people to visit your LinkedIn profile or portfolio so they can instantly get connected with you.

Wow with visual resumes –

Plenteous people use tools which helps in illustrating their work history through websites which include Websites like these are offering tools to help professionals present the info on their resumes in a different way which stands out. It is important that you do not forget to keep the traditional format handy or attached so that it easily get saved in the company’s database.

So now you can put these resume writing tips to good use. Once applied, they can only help you in improving your job search.

Author Bio:   is a professional content writer with proficient skills in research. He has been writing many informative write-ups doing exclusive research on job sector. The above article discusses about few best practices when it comes to making your resume in 2014.

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