In January Google launches its new search algorithm known as Panda. Now there is less spams and poor content websites. The Panda algorithm is discovered to improve the website ranks and to give the users best result of their query. The use of the Panda algorithms results in the decreasing of the poor quality content websites and good service to the customer’s .Some website contains copy content. After the launching of the panda algorithms the copy content websites get removed and the websites having no content but gives only links to the other websites shown at very bottom of the search result. The user get the search result according to their query and by improved service of the Google the number of the Google users also increased.


Improvement after the launching of the search algorithm panda

There are number of improvements after the launching of the panda algorithm. Copy content almost get removed and people do not put bad information on their websites. In the internet world number f improvements are observed and they all are highly appreciated. After that several versions of the Panda algorithms comes with the increase features and good results. They best as well as contain good content. The user gets what they looking for in one to third search result. The websites that contain good rank is provided and that who deserves least rank is shown at the bottom of the result.SEO is also possible through the Panda algorithm.


How Content helps the website to get Panda Friendly:-

Good quality content website always gets the good rank. The content plays the very important role in deciding the rank of the website in the search engine. The content is that for what users looking for. Content must describe the correct information as well as spellings of the words should be correct. All grammar rules must be kept in mind while writing content for the website. Good quality and well organized content always help the website to enjoy the large traffic. The information must be properly show and in order. The coding section of the website must be properly written. These are the points that Panda search algorithm notice while deciding the rank of the websites. Proper use of the keyword in the content is always considered. The use of the anchor tags is recommended.


The owner of the websites must check on the regular basis what leads to decrease or increase in the traffic to their websites. There are several punts that must be kept in mind while deciding the rank of the website. Always the owner needs to check the website rank by entering in the Google search option. And to notice the different factor responsible for the increase or decrease the rank in the Google search engine. The Panda search algorithm serves better to the internet users. Panda decrease the poor content conting websites. The websites owner if want to improve the rank then they change their content and display only correct information.



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