2018 Has become a year of building and improving from 2017’s social networking tendencies. However, now that 2018 is one third of the way above, you can end up wondering “what exactly does 2019 have in store for us?”

For the forthcoming New Year, We are going to discuss our forecasts in this guide and provide you a glance at the way the ever-changing digital marketing landscape may seem in only a couple of months.

  1. Tremendous increase in Voice Search

As their capability for recognizing human language has improved appreciably, they can be incredibly beneficial in both hunting for info on the internet and doing things around the home.

What does this change to voice search mean for entrepreneurs? Mostly, a Lots of effort.

Voice search is different from the normal desktop computer or search. When you start Google in your browser and enter your search query, then you are going to see countless pages of search results. It is not that difficult to be among these. However, when you inquire Siri a query, it is going to provide you a few outcomes. Many times, just one, If your site is among these, the CTR can possibly be much greater. Nonetheless, it ought to be there at the first location. Thus, tailoring your search engine optimization benefits for voice search is vital.

Voice recognition technology is just expected to increase and also to improve. It’ll bring a substantial disturbance to the advertising world. How will companies adapt to all these changes? For the time being, there’s absolutely no solution to this question.

  1. AI-Powered Solutions are Everywhere

AI-Powered by chatbots to robotic procedure automation, the significance of enhanced efficiency, higher productivity and greater customer satisfaction is getting clear.

In 2019, AI-powered technology will take customer-centric advertising to a different level. Enormous differentiator’s, anticipate far better trend analysis, increased client profiling, and sometimes even more complex customization approaches.

“Marketers must look to the way they could utilize AI as a way to know what content a possible client is swallowing, while it’s advertising generated content, technical or support records or consumer created, that will allow for more personalized customer expertise and higher customer satisfaction,” states Lisa Matherly, VP of Content Marketing in McAfee.

Simple-to-deploy AI-powered options are made accessible to more companies seeking to make the most of the technology. For example, media bureaus may maximize paid marketing efforts for their customers using intelligent algorithms to assess the operation of campaigns in movement. With automatic A/B testing and calculations which update themselves instantly, necessary improvements can be produced on the fly to improve marketing ROI.

  1. 5G Fixed to 5G Mobile

5G This means marketing groups can supplier richer, stronger premium content, and hope that users will really see it (instead of simply clicking away before it loads.) Additionally, it means they will be in a position to perform more real time communicating with clients at crucial touch-points–for example when they are at the shop, restaurant, or online. However, for CMOs, it unlocks an entirely new world of promotion and CX prospect.

  1. More targeted Ads with particular purpose

User’s have minimum attention spans and have served with all these advertisements on a daily basis. I believe advertisements will be singularly purposed in character, with a very specific purpose and target conversion location in your mind, if it be a desktop or mobile experience. I also believe the mobile ad platforms will reveal significant development in 2018, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat

  1. Video Marketing

Video has become the most popular and powerful kind of digital content for companies today and when done correctly, it may have an extremely positive influence on your company. As our focus spans diminish, marketers are relying increasingly more on generating video content to improve search engine positions, increase participation and site traffic levels

  1. Chatbots Good to Great

No, advertising teams do not usually deal with the customer support chatbots. But they do want their own brand to give superior support and CX in case their marketing campaigns will succeed. The digitally altered CMO will also have the ability to work more readily with customer support to integrate the language and provides that prove to be successful in consumer conversion — you guessed it, utilizing large information analytics (more about that in certain.)


The future of Digital marketing is bright. With augmented and virtual realities inspiring new involvement, and entrepreneurs tapping into larger originality, manufacturers will find it less difficult to become more real and responsive to their own client’s needs.

As companies become more comfortable with artificial Intelligence and machine learning capacities, they’ll provide better, more with access to more information, better Insights, and fresh opportunities, the near future will leave no wise companies behind.

Author Bio:

Avani Shah is a Marketing Manager at TemplateTrip. She is a resident of India. Avani is also experienced in Prestashop Responsive Themes, WordPress Ecommerce Themes, Open Cart Themes. She also likes to share her thoughts, on SEO, Mega Shop Woocommerce Responsive Theme, Email Marketing , Web Development.




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