If you want to rank high with Google then you require high quality backlinks for your website. It is the ultimate truth and the ultimate requirement for any website. The backlinks are the deciding factor for the quality of a website. Google and other search engines provide better results while searching with backlinks. So the importance of backlinks cannot be overlooked.

Quality backlinks are somewhat hard to earn and many website owners have to struggle hard to attain them. But in case a site owner uses shortcut methods for attaining backlinks then he might end up doing more harm than good for his website.  Google checks the link profile of every site before ranking it with tools like the Penguin update. If a site does not have a clean link profile then it cannot remain popular with Google.


So here are a few tips for creating the perfect content which can generate perfect backlonks for your site.
1.       Fairly large content

People unfamiliar with guest blogging rules might not know that guest blogging is a good way to generate quality backlinks. Many websites which invite and publish guest blogs have their own set of rules. The general rule is that the content should be fairly long, in fact many such websites demand a content of 2000 words or more. The reason for this is pretty basic. Larger content of over 2000 words fairs better in search results.

Shorter content is also unacceptable to users as it is hardly able to answer to their queries. A larger content on the other hand provides all answers and also covers the entire topic extensively. Natural backlinks are bound to come to a site which has comprehensive content. Take the example of Wikipedia in this regards. Wikipedia performs well in search results because it has earned natural backlinks over time due to its voluminous quality content.

2.       Images, Videos and Infographics

Infographics have made it to the top most trending web design concepts of 2015. People just love them. Infographics are a nice and space saving method of combining statistics, text and graphics. More can be said in lesser words with a visual appeal. There are many sites dedicated exclusively to Infographics and provide referral traffic along with backlinks.

Embedded videos and images along with the content also enhance the visual appeal of the content and enhance user experience. If there is more traffic on your site then more and more people will link back to it.

3.       Think as a reader first

A certain topic might engross so but that does not mean that it will interest your reader too. You have to write what the readers want to read and not what you want to write. BuzzSumo is a great tool for finding out the most trending content topics. It will be able to guide you as to which topic is being shared by users the most. Developing user interest is the only way of making him come back to your site and that can be achieved only by good quality and interesting content. Writing content based on such topics will help you to earn more links as well.

4.       Be original

As discussed in the earlier part of this article, many guest blogging sites have a set of rules for inviting and publishing guest blogs and rewarding the guest bloggers with backlinks. One of such rules is that the content should be 100% original, not lifted from anywhere, should not be published elsewhere and should be unique. I know it is something very difficult to achieve considering the billions of websites that exist and the many more billions of articles that are already published on them.

But with a little effort it might not be as difficult to achieve as it sounds. People only want to read original content and want information which they do not have. What is the point in writing a piece of crap which can be easily found on thousands of websites? Non-original content does not develop user interest and it is needless to say that it is ineffective in generating backlinks.

5.       Content created about latest stories or content which is always relevant

The choice of topic for a write-up is always an intriguing issue. Many editors hand pick articles after reviewing them critically and deciding after looking at the topic. The topic to cover should interest all and should remain relevant irrespective of the passage of time. For instance a topic related to saving money or mutual funds shall remain relevant as long as there is money and mutual funds exist (till eternity, if you ask me).

Topics based on latest stories do create user interest, but they are come and go ones. For instance the Apple watch is now the focus of attention of readers and everyone is writing about its initial troubles for users. Eventually Apple inc. Will be able to solve these problems and then this topic being covered now will lose its relevance. Although it is a sensation now and everybody wants to read it.

These are a few ways by which content can be designed to bring in more traffic and in generating natural backlinks. Hope you guys have gained something out of this article. Please share your views and suggestions in case any relevant information has been left out by me.

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A Search Engine marketing analyst by profession and a gardener by choice is what best describes Anna Brown. She can be seen relaxing in her rose garden when not busy with a social media campaign. Connect with her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.



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