Everyone needs a website in today’s time. You cannot even think of owning a business without having a website. Even service providers prefer having their own domains for putting up all their skills and experience on a single web address. It helps them portray their profile much more professionally. But not everyone knows how to make a website or code one. To be honest, with so many open source programs supported by a very enthusiastic coders group globally, it does not take much to set up a website for yourself. You can do it fairly quickly now if you know some basic things.

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Website building is an art but is not rocket science. Even a novice with an interest in the craft can do it. With proper tools anyone can do it. What you need to have is a clear idea of what you want and the diligence to zero in on the quintessence of the website you are building. One is advised to make a list of things he wants done.

Do you know Programming?

While there are a slew of tools available at the click of the mouse, examine them all carefully to choose the best. Joomla, Drupal or WordPress aid ably in designing an elaborate website but do you want one that fits that description? You might have heard people praising them to the hilt and they are justified in doing it. However, you need to have programming knowledge in order to use them. They are all good at creating shopping carts, user forums and product catalogues but there is nothing quick about them. A good website designed with these tools will take weeks to come into being.

Choose Wisely

On the other hand, a functional site that boasts of a page that contains all the information about the site with contact information and its goals can be created easily. There are four tools that you can use to set up a decent website. It should not take more than a few hours for you to have a website up and running.


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This is a desktop application for Mac. You can choose the one most apt for your purposes from a lot of different templates. You may add pages you require. It is as easy as drag & drop for you to set up blog paraphernalia, text, contact forms and image galleries. Knowledge of HTML & CSS can help you edit codes. It is indeed as simple as it sounds but is at the same time, powerful.


This Apple product comes as a part of iLife desktop suite. The features in rapidWeaver can be found here too. A personal website builder can include ready-to-use templates and photos in his site using the drag & drop inerface. However, you must keep in mind that the files are generally going to be big and as a result, you will find it hard to export them to the web hosting company.


Weebly is a very easy application in that it can create a website within the browser. It has a simple interface to help you do it. Drag & Drop works to perfection here. You can drag  videos, pictures, text, anything in fact and put them all in the design you choose and you have your website ready. This is a tool that comes free and that is a great attraction.


This tool is used to create a website within your browser. Though Synthasite’s interface is somewhat more difficult than Weebly’s, its advantage lies in its inherent quality of enbling the embedding  of many more elements in all the pages. In addition it has default themes in greater numbers.

Written By:Jessica Gold used to consult for Leonard Albanese as a marketing manager. She is an active social media person and has very influential profile. Her networking skills and the ability to convince people are her strong points in life.

Richard Gayle

Richard Gayle

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