What is Advanced PC Care?

Advanced PC Care is a software meant for the purpose of optimizing your system along with serving a wide range of other user services. Originally, the main objective of this tool is to scan and repair the computer system in order to enable it to work in a smoother and faster way.

However, this software never performed any of the mentioned services instead carry out useless scan process. Though it is not a virus, but it is a misleading application which employs unethical marketing tactics to attract the more users.

Advanced PC Care


Hence, it would be good to get rid of this application as soon as possible for the better working of your system.

How to diagnose the symptoms of Advance PC Care Malware?

This tool comes packaged with other freeware and shareware, so that if you download a software from an unofficial website, then definitely Advanced PC Care program will be launched on your PC.

It performs some unwanted activities in your system like slowing down the internet speed for your system or infecting all the existing information and data into your system. Also, you might face a lot of trouble due to unwanted web pages, pop-ups, and ads which occur automatically and frequently.  In case you try to close the web page, it will show a pop-up on your screen offering the full edition at cheaper prices.

It misuses all your confidential data saved into your system and invites various infectious elements to your systems such as key loggers, viruses, Trojans and much more.

How to Uninstall Advanced PC Care Malware?

With the help of the given guide to remove Advanced PC Care, you can very easily remove the complications of this threat in the following ways:

1.    Remove Advanced PC Care Malware Automatically with Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is the helpful tool which contributes to the elimination of this malware program and protects your data.

Step 1 – Download and install Anti-Malware software from the internet.

Step 2 – Start the tool after installation

Step 3 – Perform scanning process with Malwarebytes

Step 4 – After the scanning process, click Remove button

Step 5 – Click Finish

Step 6 – Restart your system

2.    RemoveAdvancedPCCare Manually

In case, you don’t want to download and install any removal toolkit to uninstall this program, then you can go for the manual removal approach outlined in the following steps:

Step 1 – Search for the Control Panel in search box and click Enter



Step 2 – Open Control Panel and Go to Uninstall a Program


Uninstall a Program

Step 3 – Right click on Advanced PC Care and click Uninstall

When you see, that Advanced PC Care is not available in the installed program list, then it is the indication that this malware application has been removed from your system.

3.    Remove unwanted add-ons and extensions from your web browsers
Google Chrome

Step 1 – Open Customize settings of Google Chrome and go to More Tools > Extensions

web browsers

Step 2 – Search unwanted extensions and click trashcan option.

Mozilla Firefox

Step 1 – Open the Menu and Click Add-ons

Mozilla Firefox

Step 2 – Search unwanted add-ons and click Remove button


Step 1 – Open Safari > Preferences > Extensions

Step 2 – Search unwanted extensions and uninstall all of them


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