Remote based devices using your iPhone

Have you ever turned your iPhone in a very interesting device? Let us assume that your iPhone is working as a remote control. Surprised? You actually need not to get so much surprised as the technology has moved to such a maturity level that iPhone Mobile Application Development platform is having hundred of applications that can turn the device as a remote control. Many of them are worth entertainment that can be designed to control the audio video equipment including computer, household appliances and even many other expensive corporate security devices.

In the contemporary scenario, there are many remote control apps bestowed by iPhone that can be employed over the internet, Bluetooth and even Wi-Fi so as to establish the link between iPhone and other devices. There are only few firms that are also developing infrared accessories in order to open the doors and other remote control devices.

Apps turning iPhone as remote control:



iRule employs a bend of software and hardware in order to control the home devices. Unlike beacon, iRule will leverage the existing Wi-Fi network of home in order to send the commands and allowing the user to communicate using any Wi-Fi enables devices such as audio video equipments, thermostats and lights as well. A user can easily develop the customized commands, menus as well as key layouts with the use of iRule Builder web app and then following it with syncing them to iRule app. Further, this app can be employed to communicate using separate path which in-turn send the command to an IR based device.

Sonos Controller:

Sonos Controller

There are many audio systems which usually come with iPhone controlling apps as well. Similarly, there exists a Sonos music system that owns an app well-known as Sonos Controller exclusively designed for iPhone. This will going to work amazingly just like dedicated Sonos Control touchscreen remote in order to access the various Sonos music streaming features. There are also a huge variety of similar remote controlling devices namely; Onkyo Remote that work for Onkyo network.



The Zmart will serve you the platform that will leverage atleast 5-ounces of dongle plugs directly to your smartphone. You can get the assistance of an iOS App Developer  Since, it can be plugged to the audio jack of the device instead of 30 pin connector, thus, it can be either used on iOS as well as Android. Akin to all others, Zmart hosts a gigantic collection of codes over 200000 that will also support virtually every single AV manufacturer. The user can also learn using it on other the operating systems.

Griffin Beacon:

Griffin Beacon

In case, if there is no remote control app for your audio video device, the user can retro-fit for iOS remote control device by employing the Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Control. This app is just a small accessory that will connect your iOS device with Bluetooth as well other various audio video devices using infra-red. It will aid in pairing a free Dijit Universal Remote that have an in-built library of regular updated device codes along with learning feature of all other devices which are non-supportable.

Red Eye:

Red Eye

Now, red Eye will work with the similar functionality of Dijiti beacon. Using this app, the user can get connection of their iPhone with the base station using their regional Wi-Fi network. This will also aid in translating the command into IR. Although, RedEye is a bit platform tolerant that can also be employed with iPad, iPhone, Android, iTouch and Kindle Fire. There is also an online database of over 85000 control codes that will cover a gigantic brands as well as models of the device. The app will aid the user in order to define the various profiles including button layouts, custom menus and much more. These can be done for each room within the house and further these profiles can be shared with the friends and other people of the network.

All above mentioned advanced technology apps are the perks offered to the contemporary humankind as well as the world of science.  More details click here iPhone Mobile Application Development



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