Using social networks, instant messengers and other mobile and computer applications, people tend to forget about vulnerability of their own. Every time sharing any information about yourself, you make it visible for practically anyone. As a result, people or organizations might use the given information for different purposes without you to know about it. Do users have to think over a privacy of their own using Facebook?

One way or another, this article is for people who would want to hide Facebook friends list. Perhaps this option will not help you to defend yourself from intruders but it will help you to hide some of your private information.

1.      How to hide information from your friends in Facebook?


This feature allows you to set and sort friends effectively on those who can see info on your page and those for whom the access is going to be denied. This concept is to divide the list into categories, including family members, colleagues, and friends and so on. There is a Friends block in the left side panel. You will get to see groups where you can sort friends and close access to some of them. When you are done, you can set privacy settings and access for every category. For example, you might feel like your co-workers not to see albums with your photos but visible for your friends and relatives. Now you have an opportunity to automatically add friends to a certain category. It is worth saying that if you put a person into two categories at once, for example Friends and Colleagues, privacy settings from more closed category are to be applied to this person. Adding something, you may specify a group the info you post belong to.

2.      Hide a profile from the list on Facebook.

If you do not want unknown people to send you friend`s request, you can make your account invisible in search results of Facebook. All you need to do is to click on Settings, then confidentiality. Switch the feature over and your page will go to unreachable for most users on Facebook.

3.      Hide a page from search engine.


Apart from internal search system in Facebook, you risk to be seen in Google, Yandex or else. If you hide from search results on Facebook, it will be logical to hide your account from search engines because people can look for you by name. if you do not want anyone to see your page even slightly, go to confidentiality. After that, edit “who can find me?” and then you will get to see the way your page is going to look liketo onlookers. Besides, here you may put a note away from “allow access for search engines”.

4.      Hide publications on the wall.

You may choose what you want to make visible on your wall, a joke, a complain or philosophical thoughts. You cannot take control over what and if your friends can post something on your wall. Some friends are going to post on your wall things you do not really want to be visible. If there are such people in your list of friends, you will most likely be interested to find out that you can manage who are to see what other users post on the wall and who are unable to see. Go to privacy settings again and choose “chronicles and notes”. There are two principles how you can set the way your wall works. The first one means that no one is going to see what is posted on your wall. For that open settings and who can leave publications on the wall and choose either friends or no one. Then, there is an option who can see publications of others on your wall and here all the options are logically clear.

5.      Instant personification.

Many of us know that companies gather information about us to create marketing strategies of their own. Naturally that many of us dislike it. Instant personification provides with access to certain websites only you visit. More often than not, personal information is required by these websites with the aim to present you wish more personalized data. Ifitisso, youmayeasilyswitchthisoptionoffgoingtothepageofprivacysettingsand simply put a tick away from “change system of personification on partner sites.

6.      Information accessibility through friends.

Everyonehasthiskindofinformations/hedoesnotwanttosharewithfriendsfromthelistoffriendsonFacebook. Moreover, this information sometimes may be used in different applications, then again, “exceptionally for personification”. If you want to keep safety of this information, all you need to do is to simply specify what information you wish to share with and what should be hidden. After that, when you go to privacy settings page, you will get to see a list of options connected with reflection of your information.

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