Spam commenting happens in two ways. It can happen manually or automatically. Automatic spamming happens thanks to a small computer program. A spider program looks through the web for comment sections, and then when it finds one, a smaller crawling program reads the page and inserts the comment in the correct comment area. Automatic spam bots are annoying but are also very easy to guard against.


How To Reduce Spam Commenting From Your Blog.

Manual spamming is less prevalent because it takes a lot longer than automatic spamming, but it still exists and it is hard to combat, but there are ways. Here are a few ways to do away with spam comments, along with a few WordPress plugins to help you avoid spam.

Sometimes you just need to administer it

In other words, sometimes you may need to simply fall into line and accept that your blog is going to get spam, so you simply need to administer it and remove the spam yourself. This is very simple, as any links on your comment section are going to be a different color from the rest of the comments. So all you need to do is hunt down the links and remove them from the comment section.



This may fill you with dread if you have a lot of blog posts, as it means you will have to search through all of your comment sections every week. So, why not simply close the comments on your older blog posts and just keep the comment sections open on your newer blog posts.

If you do things this way then you will get more comments, and where some of them are going to be spam, overall you will get more comments.

Have comments approved before posting


This is where the comments wait in your inbox until you have approved them. This method again means that you have to do a little bit more work, as you will have to approve every comment, but at least it gives you the chance to stop any spam messages or links before they are posted on your website. It is also a nice way of making sure you read all of your comments. Plus, if you have a phone app that allows you to see your pending comments, then you can approve them in you spare time as you are on the move.

Tell people that your blog is a no-follow blog

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This will tell manual spammers that there is no point in putting a link on your blog because the link will not be read by Google. A no-follow tag is something you can put into your comment section to stop the search engines reading the links. This will stop any spammers from feeling the benefit of placing links onto your blog.

Here are a few plugins you may wish to try

These are plugins you can find for the WordPress CMS platform.

WP Ajax Edit Comments

The user is allowed to edit their comment for a short while after posting so that they may change their spam to something a little less spammy.

Crawlable Facebook Comments

You can use your comments to your advantage and allow Google to crawl your comment section with this plugin.

Comment Rating

This allows you to let your commenters’ rate which comment is the best. This will push the spam comments to the bottom of your comment section where nobody will follow them through to anywhere else. It is good if you do not have the time to administer the comments.

Bulk Remove Comments

If you have chosen to administer your comments then you may have a rough day and want to remove all of your comments on your data base (then pending ones). You can do this with just one click with this plugin.

Thank Me Later

This is a nice way of thanking your genuine commenters by automatically saying thank you to comment section audience when they send you a message.

WP No External Links

This is another clever little defense against spam comments, it allows you to mask or hide the links placed on your comment section. This will stop you losing any traffic because of the spammers. They will not be able to present/post a link so your users cannot click it and leave. It is a good little tool against manual spammers.

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