In this modern time many people depend on the internet with high speed stability connection. More number of customers are willing to pay the extra cost to get the high-speed internet for chat and live streaming video. Even though it is more expensive to get the unlimited plan many customers are showing interest to buy unlimited data plans. It’s all because of high usage of internet. Now all the mobile network operators are providing high-speed internet for limited data plans as well. Those kinds of plans can be available at affordable prices. A 3 Mbps data plan might not be less than fast as 20 Mbps but there are so many ways available to speed up the slow connection and enjoy better service.

Mobile Broadband Service

Be Check the Advertised speeds

Many times you can’t get the exact speed what you signed-up for. This is the definite query of users about internet service providers now-a-days. Before you sign-up ask for a trial about to check the internet speed for one week or two weeks.

Do often Speed Test

You can check out the internet speed online using various tools for download and upload speed of your mobile broadband connection. If the tool shows exact 20 Mbps speed as per the connection you have taken, then you are on the right side. Otherwise you can make a call to your internet service provider for good speed. But it might not be easy always to demand them for better service. If the things go continuously like this, then it is better to take a new connection if you don’t have any commitments regarding the data plan.

Check out Your Usage

You can always check your system’s control panel for any unwanted programs running in the background. Any other unnecessary software updates or even viruses are also slowing down your net speed. And these kind of programs will consume a lot of bandwidth. Be sure to close the unnecessary programs, updates and unused apps get the best speed.

Wi-Fi may also cause the slow net speed. Due to too many users net connectivity from your broadband service will also cause slower in internet speed. So check your security settings and give limitations and passwords to your router to avoid multiple users.

At day time many number of users can browse the net simultaneously for various online activities. So, take the advantage of early morning hours and late night hours for good speed.

Still, you feel slow in the net speed for your online works, then upgrade your internet package.

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