Are you in search of your very first brand diamond ring? Or interested in making a special addition to the jewellery box? In either case, you need to have a thorough knowledge of how to take care of your diamond ring so as to retain its glaze. Go through this article to learn about the storage and maintenance of your diamond ring.

Keep your diamond ring safely

Diamond is one of the top-selling and most precious stones available in the world market today. And when in search of a diamond ring, no one can surpass the 4ctw Princess Cut diamond ring. Rings studded with princess cut diamond are known for their glaze and perfect fit. The most common design with this type of diamond is a medium-size princess cut diamond sitting in the center followed by numerous small size princess cut diamonds on its sides. Now though diamonds are harder than most other stones, yet they can break or develop cracks due to your negligence.

diamond rings feature

Another stunning design that you are surely going to fall for is the Kallati design in 14k white gold. Designed in pure while the gold of 14k, it features nearly 35-37 square princess cut diamonds measuring 1.7-2.0mm invisibly set.  If you are looking for one on the prong setting, you can opt for the 50 full round cut diamonds measuring 1.1-1.9mm. You are going to cherish this type of ring throughout your life if you keep it safe.

Take Off Your Ring Before Using Lotions or Taking Bath

Of all the other tips to be followed, do remember to take off your rings prior to removing any kind of lotions or makeup, skin-clearing chemicals, or hair dye. This is because some of these lotions and chemicals possess certain ingredients that can cause damage to the diamond ring, especially the stone.

If you are planning to go out for swimming during the summer months or take a hot water shower in the Jacuzzi during the winter, make sure to take off any kind of diamond jewellery that you are wearing. Remove the rings too for ensuring their lasting life. The chlorinated pool water possesses the ability to bleach the color of your diamond ring leaving the same dull and resembling a fake ring. The worst chlorine can do to your diamond ring is eating away the joints metal joints that keep the ring fixed. And you would surely wish to avoid this kind of situation.

Take Care New Diamond Rings

Cleaning Your New Diamond Ring

Most of the diamond rings feature various aspects and are truly sophisticated when it comes to their designs. This is a reason why these rings demand smarter and a new method of cleaning. Say a 14k yellow gold ring studded with 0.89 ctw White and Purple diamonds. This kind of ring is known for its glamour and elaborate design but requires an advanced cleaning concept. Though the best way to maintain the cleanliness of this ring is getting it done by the jeweller if you want to try out cleaning the same at home, use a glass cleaner. Soak the ring in a container filled with glass cleaner for 10 minutes. Scrub it using a toothbrush followed by rinsing it with cold water. But make sure to carry out the entire process in a sink that has a stopper to keep away from slipping it into the drain.

Final Words

Wrapping up, if you don’t want to wear your diamond ring 24*7, store it safely in a pouch that is soft and clean. Make sure to keep it away from other rings or jewellery items to avoid scratching and rubbing.



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