A famous quote related to business says: “You have to have your heart in the business and business in your heart.” Evidently, we all know that businesses not only provide you with a lavish livelihood, but also employs a large number of people with suitable jobs. In this way, it greatly contributes to the wellbeing of a nation’s economy. This clearly makes us realize that it is very important to secure your business, as if there is any problem with your business, it will not only affect you and your employees, but will also have a very adverse effect on the overall economy of the state.


Considering this, I have decided to share a number of very useful tips, you may implement in your business, in order to secure your business, so that your enterprise works smooth and flourishes by leaps and bounds.

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1-      Security cameras and security guards:

A very useful way to maintain security in your business is to install CCTV cameras on your business site at all important places, such as entrance spots, exit spots, reception counters, cash counters, storeroom, and guests’ area. Place a large TV screen in your cabin so that you can monitor the activities going on outside your cabin. You can come to know whether or not your clerk is typing the letter you asked him to type, or if your sales representative is entertaining some of his personal guests on the pretext of making dealings with the clients. Moreover, if there happens to be a robbery in your business, the police and the related authorities can get a bundle of clues from the recordings of the CCTV cameras.

A very important point with regard to the security guards is that you must always avail services of reputed security agencies in case you need any security guards for your business. Hiring security guards from low-rated security agencies or hiring guards through the HR department of your business may create serious problems in case of a security lapse.

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2-      Alarm system

Another addition you can make to the security system of your business is an alarm system. Modern alarm systems notify you about all the unusual movements towards the sensitive areas of your business. Installing alarm system in the storeroom or other sensitive placesis a very handy idea. But the most important place where you need to put an alarm system is the room where you store all the documents, whether physically or virtually. Remember, nothing is important in your business than information.

3-      Cash

One of the most sensitive things at your workplace, which is always exposed to vulnerabilities is cash. So you need to take special care about it. You need to strive for minimum cash balance in your workplace and place most of the cash with the bankers, which is definitely a safer place than your business, no matter how many security systems you have installed in your business.

Secondly, you need to give minimum people the access to the cash vault, so that you can held people accountable in case there is some problem. If possible, install a biometric security system in the cash vault, and also equip it with an alarm system, which notifies any unusual activity. Moreover, you also need to make special arrangements if you need to move cash from one site to another. Better hire the services of some security agency for this. Remember! Never carry cash in any of the private cars owned by your business.

4-      Cyber safety

Besides physical safety, you also need to maintain cyber security as well. The first thing you need to do is ‘password protect’ all the information present in your computer system, and that too with a strong password, so that it is very hard to crack. You also need to assign the responsibility of accessing systems to certain people in your organization, so that you can prevent unauthorized access to your computer systems.

Spoofing and snooping attacks are also increasing day after day, so you also need to take care of that. For this, you may hire some cyber security experts in your business, or alternatively outsource such service.

5-      Employees

Employees are the ones who actually deal with everything in your business. No matter how advanced security systems you have installed in your business, if your employees are dishonest, your business is always at stake. So you need to make sure in every case that employees you hire are honest to your business. For this, you need to make a detailed scrutiny of the candidates who wish to work as employees in your business. Check where the candidate resides, where he has worked previously, and what his past employers have to say about him.

In addition to this, a very good step you may take is to provide each of your employees with such a smartphone, which have an employee monitoring software program installed on it. A variety of softwares to monitor employees programs are available in the market, which can monitor all the activities your employee may perform through his cell phone such as monitoring phone calls, reading text messages, andreading emails. Moreover, such a software also allows you to monitor the real time location of your employee. In this way, you can come to know if any of your employees is doing an inside job in your company.

Concluding the argument, it can be clearly asserted that it is very important for you to make your business secure, so as to avoid any unusual circumstances to occur.Taking some serious concern about the security of your business and implementing all of the tips mentioned above in your business will definitely help you to secure your business from any outside threat.

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