HTC is on a launch spree and now they are focussing more on low and mid-range devices as compared to the high end ones. This is because after a bad phase, they are now trying to make their presence felt with higher volume of sales. They release the budget and mid-range devices under the Desire name and since the start of this year, they have already launched three devices under the Desire name.


They first launched the Desire 320 which is the successor to Desire 310 which came earlier but failed to get much attention. The Desire 320 comes with some much needed additions in attempt to lure more buyers. Then came in the Desire 826, which tries to appeal to the selfie loving generation with an ultra-pixel front camera. It is also their first Desire branded smartphone to come out with android 5.0 lollipop. They have now launched the Desire 526G+ which is a budget device to appeal users who need a basic smartphone. It is available with two different storage options and is on sale through online retailers as well as physical stores.

Apart from these devices, HTC also announced the Desire 620G which is a reasonably powerful device with 5 inch HD display. It runs an octa core processor and has got a decent pair of cameras. As compared to other devices in the price range, it looks upmarket as it is very well built and has an impressive design. We put the Desire 526G+ against the Desire 620G to figure out which one makes more sense for you. The Desire 526G+ is available for 10,400 while the Desire 620G is available between 14-15K.



The Desire 526G+ looks every bit like a HTC device but the one from a few years back. Don’t mistake us, the device looks impressive and it is sure to get noticed once you slide it out of your pocket. The glass on front is surrounded by the body which is visible from the front. The back curves nicely making it easy to hold. The device is 140 mm tall, 70 mm wide and 9.8 mm thick so it isn’t small for a device with 4.7 inch display. Neither is it any slim but then we have seen with many other HTC devices that they don’t really put much effort in reducing the device size. Not that we are complaining because we have noticed that their devices are sturdier as compared to the almost borderless devices some manufacturers make. What we don’t like is that it is heavy at 154 grams.

The Desire 620G is both taller and wider than the Desire 526G+ because of the display size. Still an increase of 1 cm in length is hard to justify for a 0.3 inch increase in display size. The width has gone up by 2.7 mm while the thickness has dropped by a negligible 0.2 mm. The device feels a bit tall like the HTC One or Asus Zenfone 5 and while holding it isn’t a trouble, using it with one hand is a bit difficult. If it was a little wider or a little shorter, it would have been easier to use. Get over that fact and the device looks nice. It weighs 160 Gms. It has got the design we have seen on many recent HTC devices. It hasn’t got the boom sound speakers but they have made the speakers look like them with clever placement. Overall the device looks premium but the dimensions could have been a bit better to make handling easy.


The Desire 526G+ has got a 4.7 inch display. We love this display size as it is big enough for reading and browsing and still small enough to keep the device handy. This one however is a bit disappointing. For this price, a lot of manufacturers will offer you semi HD displays which are sharp and bright. This one has got qHD (540 x 960 pixels) resolution which is no good on this size. The pixel density is rather unimpressive 234 ppi. This was acceptable a couple of years back but now they should have provided a semi HD display for this display size. Apart from the sharpness, the display quality is decent. The colours are well saturated and the viewing angles are quite impressive. The brightness however isn’t very good and you might have some trouble in bright sunlight.


The display on Desire 620G is slightly bigger. It measures 5 inches and has a 720p resolution giving a pixel density of 294 ppi. The display is sharp and the quality is good. The colours are true to original and the contrast ratio is good as well. The brightness is bit of an issue here as well though.


The Desire 526G+ runs an octa core processor at a clock speed of 1.7 GHz. while they haven’t specified the chipset used, we are guessing it is a mediatek one which is used on the 620G as well. If that is the case, it gets a Mali 450MP4 GPU. Along with this it gets 1 GB of RAM. There are two storage options 8 GB and 16 GB. With that it gets card support for up to 32 GB. It is a dual SIM device and supports the usual set of connectivity options. It is powered by a 2000 mAh battery.


The Desire 620G runs 1.7 GHz, MediaTek MT6592 chipset mated with octa-core processor. It also gets 1 GB of RAM and comes with 8 GB of storage along with card support. Connectivity options are the same as HTC Desire 526G Plus and it is powered by a slightly bigger 2100 mAh battery. Both the devices come with 8 megapixel primary cameras which perform quite well. The secondary camera on the Desire 526G+ has 2 megapixel resolution while the one on Desire 620G has 5 megapixel resolution. Both the devices run android 4.4 KitKat out of the box and there is no word on the availability of Android 5.0 yet.



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