Social media sites are increasingly popular in the present day because of which the social network of people also is getting widened.  Recently Face book joined with Skype to launch video in Face book. Face book is fast trying to overpower Google +. Face book has mainly two advantages:-

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  1. A lot of your friends might already be on the service of Face book. It has about 750 million users across the world. Google + is not open to the public yet.
  2. Face book claims that its features are so easy that the least technical people may also be able to make it out.

Face book is constantly updating its features and applications. One of the most recent such developments is the use of videos. With just a click a user can share a video he or she created with the world. Sharing videos on Face book can be thrilling for some, it would prove terrifying for certain others depending on the kind of video that is uploaded. Videos on Face book can be used both for good and bad.

Ways of Sharing Videos on Face book:
  1. If you are provided with a good internet connection, you can straightaway send a video from your video camera to your Face book page. Then you have to give it a catchy title. You can also tag your friends who would like the video and click update. That ends the procedure of sharing a video on Face book.
  2. Another way to upload videos on Face book is to transfer the videos first to a desktop and then send it to Face book page. There are various ways of editing the videos if one has a passion towards doing it. Videos on Face book have a size limit, videos larger than the permitted size cannot be put up in Face book.

Social media sites like Face book are public platforms. One has to be extra cautious in writing messages, sharing videos and even in accepting friendship requests. There could be various scams and there are people who engage themselves in cyber crime. When used for the right purpose with the right group of people, Face book videos will improve our social network. Even some business enterprises make use of Face book as a platform for popularizing their business. Various groups and communities created in Face book virtually bring likeminded people together and their social network grows rapidly.


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