On 21st September 2012 Apple unveiled their highly anticipated gizmo the chic, classy and the smartest of all the Smartphones; the all new iPhone 5. iPhone 5 was a huge hit even before its market launch, all the leaked pictures and the rumors raised the level of expectations however still there was little uncertainty relating the device’s success because we all are aware that its predecessor iPhone 4S has  failed to match up the user’s expectations but iPhone 5 has white washed all these worries because Apple received more than two million orders in 24 hours just after the device’s market release and demand for this gadget surpassed its market availability, even the pre-orders were sold within instants.


Now let us discuss some of the stunning features of the super sexy devices. Let us being with its looks and designs; iPhone 5 comes with a really big screen which is as wide as 4 inches which makes it more user-friendly. The new iPhone 5 has 1136X640 pixel crystal clear resolution. Another noticeable feature of iPhone 5 is that the screen is brighter than its predecessor with a much clear display. iPhone 5 is taller than iPhone 4S but is extremely lighter in weight, that is why in spite of having 123.88mm height and 4 inches wide screen, it is the lightest Smartphone till date. Unlike other iPhones iPhone 5’s headset socket is situated at the base.

Running on 1GHz processor iPhone 5 swanks LTE data pace it comes 1GB RAM and can store data from 16 GB to 64 GB. The LTE data velocity is mind-blowing, making the device running at lightning speed and the amazing thing is if you want to carry on without Wi-Fi the device’s speedy enough to support.

Certified by the users themselves iPhone 5 has got stunning 8 megapixel camera. It is presently one of the most magnificent Smartphone cameras which enables you make all your shots spectacular it even makes the wider shots excellent, the pictures clicked with it are sharp, distinct and well-defined. Like the camera the complete High Definition video is also mind-blowing, making all the captured videos looking as stunning as the stills are and with LTE uploading pictures and videos is just fantabulous.

iPhone 5 is incorporated with newest version of iOS and this new technology is speedy, exciting, entertaining and lucid as well but it has some lacunas as well, the very first drawback is its maps. Earlier Apple used to use Google’s map but with growing competition this relation ended and Apple has started designing their own maps and that is where the problems are arising because it is a time taking procedure so Apple will need time to fix all the map issues. iPhone 4S’famous software Siri is more updated and skilled in iPhone 5. This latest and upgraded Siri along with posting tweets and posts on Tweeter and Facebook on your behalf and giving you sports and movie details is now much improved in providing all types of information.

Passbook is also an interesting application. This new application is very useful as it keeps information right from QR codes to plane tickets, movie tickets and many more. Except few, no remarkable changes can be found in Mails, however it now has got ‘VIP’ inbox where you can keep some particular contacts very much like Google’s ‘Priority Inbox’ but some unsolved issues are still there, earlier also it was unable to find message substance  and so it does even in the latest version.

The device’s battery life is unbelievable. Though the device uses LTE data but its battery backup is amazing. In fact, from iPhone 4S the battery life has improved to a great extent. LTE data speed teamed up with long lasting and advanced battery makes the new iPhone 5 a highly recommendable gizmo to go for.

iPhone 5 recently is undisputedly the most excellent iPhone. Its lustrous design, killer looks, super light weight, grouped with lightening fast LTE and incredible battery backup makes this set super tempting. In spite of the map and some other trivial issues it will be very apt o say that Apple has created the most desirable iPhone and it is believed that with iPhone 5,Apple may regain its lost glory.



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