Key Pointers To Know Before You Kick Start Your Android Application Endeavor

Android OS has taken the mobile market by storm and it shows no sign of being supplanted. Android is the most popular and powerful operating system for Smartphones, by far. Developers are attracted to it and love the way this open-source platform provides the potential to customize their device in the manner most effective.

Working for Android applications is a boon for today’s programmers. This platform is not only limited to Smartphones or tablets, it has made ways to our living rooms in the form of Android TV, to our wrists in the form of Android watches, to our car. It is pretty much everywhere around us. Creating a successful application can promise you many exciting future possibilities.

It’s very easy to get started with Android. The openness of this platform is an advantage for many webmasters who see their future as Android developers. The richness of its tools, documentation, and friendly community, make this OS an ideal choice to kick start your development venture.

If you are a newbie developer, it would be nice to know some relevant points that would help you avoid speed bumps in the course of your Android application development. Here is a list of tips you can implement, so you create a well-design Android app.

1. Understand the Basics of Java



Android apps are built using Java SDK. The universal language provides a strong foundation for creating applications for Android. For those who aren’t aware of the ins and outs of Java, we recommend them to visit the official Android Developer’s Guide and gain an in-depth understanding of Java principles and the way it should be implemented during development. It will help you to sharpen your application development skills. The tutorials and guidelines provided in the guide are resourceful to create a solid foundation for your application. Also, not forget to install eclipse and learning the use of some essential command lines to make your app look better and functional.

2. Playing Around with The App Behavior


These days there are a number of software development kits available accompanied by a decent range of tools and frameworks that app development a breeze. They enable you to do several things that help you modify the look and functionality of your app to make it stand out from the rest. In addition, one should learn ways to create different interfaces for different devices. It’s a good idea to make a sure the compilation of the app can be done more effectively on different devices.

3. Focus on the Details


A mobile app should be engaging, responsive, and useful. Invest some time and effort focusing even on the smallest details; there is very limited space on mobile devices, so make sure you utilize it in the best possible manner. Users will undoubtedly notice and appreciate your quality of features if used wisely.

4. Avoid Taking Short-term View

A successful app ought to keep its visitors on board for a significant amount of time. Studies have shown that the majority of apps are used only once, so it’s important to make your app as engaging as you can. Don’t forget that your app, like your user, is always evolving, so make sure you introduce relevant changes to it to encourage its use. Application development is a long-term exercise that fits your goals. Analyze your analytics, fix bugs, introduce updates, and other necessary improvements- to keep ahead of the curve.

5. Test Your App

4Testing is an integral part of the application development process and shouldn’t be overlooked at any cost. Test your app at every stage to steer clear deviations. A suitable test-bed is required for this. Once your app is able to provide accurate results on the test-bed, it can be launched in the app store. Google Play Store is crowded with millions of applications, each of them has its own set of functions and purposes. Also, it is important to test the reliability of the updates and upgrades introduced in your app. It’s a useful approach to stay on top of the standards provided by Google for the application’s public use.

To Wrap Up

Android apps are key to the growth and success of many developers. When creating an app, it is important to be aware of the facts which can drive its growth and improve its quality. Android is a great platform to develop, and I hope this article helps you to keep thinking ahead with your stunning new app.

Author Bio: Juana Steves is an application developer for Xicom Ltd, which is the leading iOS App Development Company. She loves sharing latest information on mobile technology and provides concrete information on technologies like iOS, Android mobile apps development.



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