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Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc. offers environmental products such as sewer cleaning equipment, sewer inspection equipment, sweeping street equipment, street sweeping supplies. They also offer a wide variety of nozzles, lighting products, and accessories to make each job safer and more efficient.

Kinloch Equipment has all of the best equipment someone may ever need for any manual or hard work. They also boast some a good collection of items from renowned manufacturers and producers of environment and safety products

Their Commitment to Safety

As a leading company with a passionate commitment towards environmental conservation, Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc. strives to market the highest quality equipment and offer the highest degree of support and service to the businesses and government agencies that maintain our environment.

Apart from the company’s commitment to keeping the environment clean, they also work towards ensuring everyone who uses their products are safe. As such, they offer a wide selection of top-tier equipment that is easy to use and are safe. They also aim to ensure the machines they bring to clients are not harmful and are ecologically friendly.  Some of them include:

Roll-Off Dump Height with 50-degree Dump Angle and eight yd3 Hopper

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General Attributes

  • Avoid double-handling, driving back to the facility to dump, and environmental ground-dumping restrictions
  • Incredibly Easy to Clean
  • Simple hopper-rounded corners and external self-dumping dust separator
  • Easy-access washout doors for dust separator and pickup head
  • Cable-controlled drop-down screens standard

Easy to Service

  • Easy to access components with locations determined by experienced service technicians
  • Bolt-on wear parts wherever possible (dust separator, hopper inlet, etc.)
  • Simple design with no control modules for sweeper functions


  • Better cleanout and easier serviceability leads to more reliability
  • Highly efficient dust separator and large screen surface area reduce carryover and sandblasting
  • Overall simple design-less moving parts, more uptime

The Crosswind and Whirlwind Products

Equipment Supply Inc


  • Maintaining two engines
  • The complex after-treatment system and maintenance
  • Untimely auxiliary engine regenerations
  • Cost exposure resulting from “missed” additional engine regenerations
  • Cumbersome belt tensioning systems
  • Extra engine noise and vibration


  • Increases productivity
  • Easy to use and learn; single push-button on-the-fly operation
  • Quiet operation
  • Reduces daily checks

Truvac by Vactor Series

TRUVAC vacuum excavators are purpose-built to meet even the most demanding safe-digging needs to be more precise. Easier to use. Perform better. And they come with a wide range of sizes and customizable parts and features to make sure you get the job done right

  • HXX-This series of full-sized titans was developed from the ground up- literally. The HXX results from years of vacuum excavation research, customer input, testing, and industry experience. Created by Vactor Manufacturing, Incorporated, no job is too big or too challenging for these vacuum excavators to tackle.

Kinloch Equipment & Supply Inc.

  • Prodigy is the perfect safe-digging machine for a wide range of demanding applications. It delivers incredible versatility in a powerful yet smaller package, with lower operating costs than larger devices.

The Vactor 2100i

The Vactor 2100i was engineered to offer a new level of ease and simplicity. With a focus on ergonomics, it brings an array of innovations that speeds work, reduces fatigue, and saves time, all while allowing operators to focus on the work in front of them, not the machine behind them.



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